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152NASA – Artemis I Liftoff16-11-2022
746Sapling: A new source control system with Git-compatible client15-11-2022
752Ask HN: Do you recall any book or course that made a topic finally click?14-11-2022
627Show HN: I built my own PM tool after trying Trello, Asana, ClickUp, etc.13-11-2022
561What if regular exercise is the best cognitive exercise?12-11-2022
1590Accidental Google Pixel Lock Screen Bypass10-11-2022
2046Meta lays off 11,000 people09-11-2022
1343Ntfy.sh – Send push notifications to your phone via PUT/POST08-11-2022
1302Monumental (if correct) advance in number theory posted to ArXiv by Yitang Zhang07-11-2022
982Ask HN: Comment here about whatever you're passionate about at the moment06-11-2022
956Tell HN: A hacker's life is in danger, your awareness may be life saving05-11-2022
1039Twitter’s mass layoffs have begun04-11-2022
1175Ex-Reddit CEO on Twitter moderation03-11-2022
794American society is so focused on race that it is blind to class02-11-2022
767NASA finds super-emitters of methane01-11-2022
1207Nascar driver stuns to qualify for championship with GameCube move31-10-2022
646Find your Twitter friends on Mastodon30-10-2022
1252Kathleen Booth, the inventor of assembly language, has died29-10-2022
898Elon Musk owns Twitter: The story so far28-10-2022
1752Show HN: I 3D scanned the interior of the Great Pyramid at Giza27-10-2022
707I Fell 15,000 Feet and Lived (2009)26-10-2022
1482My dad's resume and skills from 198025-10-2022
1276I help seniors with technology issues24-10-2022
760A chill driving game with procedurally generate scenic landscapes23-10-2022
488Amsterdam looks incredibly realistic in the new Call of Duty22-10-2022
758Show HN: Restfox – Open source lightweight alternative to Postman21-10-2022
902The HTTP crash course nobody asked for20-10-2022
727NASA’s Webb takes star-filled portrait of Pillars of Creation19-10-2022
1847GitHub Copi­lot inves­ti­ga­tion17-10-2022
914GitHub Copilot, with “public code” blocked, emits my copyrighted code16-10-2022
1487The Chaostron: An Important Advance in Learning Machines (1961)15-10-2022
780Low Earth Orbit Visualization14-10-2022
1329Obsidian 1.0 – Personal knowledge base app13-10-2022
593Removing SMS support from Signal Android (soon)12-10-2022
696Private Prisons Are Behind the Push for Homeless Criminalization11-10-2022
780Improving Firefox Responsiveness on macOS10-10-2022
575Dutch employee fired by U.S. firm for shutting off webcam awarded €75K in court09-10-2022
608Leap: Neovim’s Answer to the Mouse08-10-2022
882Gmail 2FA causes the homeless to permanently lose access 3 times a year07-10-2022
787Granting Pardon for the Offense of Simple Possession of Marijuana06-10-2022
800Imagen Video: high definition video generation with diffusion models05-10-2022
1120How fateful?04-10-2022
887Postgres WASM03-10-2022
724Stadia died because no one trusts Google02-10-2022
619Companies are paying huge sums to show their ads to bots01-10-2022
790Select * from cloud30-09-2022
2090Google is shutting down Stadia29-09-2022
713ButtFish – Transmit Morse Code of chess moves to your butt28-09-2022
2244Someone is pretending to be me27-09-2022
936Outdated vs. Complete: In defense of apps that don’t need updates26-09-2022
1514Someday aliens will land and all will be fine until we explain our calendar25-09-2022
642Mozilla reaffirms that Firefox will continue to support current content blockers24-09-2022
766Avoiding homework with code and getting caught22-09-2022
1705Whisper – open source speech recognition by OpenAI21-09-2022
852Tell HN: Somebody implemented something I wrote a blog about20-09-2022
9792-in-1 calculator app adds up to surprise hit for retired engineer19-09-2022
1859Show HN: I may have created a new type of puzzle18-09-2022
555Cppfront, Herb Sutter's proposal for a new C++ syntax17-09-2022
810US border forces are seizing Americans' phone data and storing it for 15 years16-09-2022
2348Adobe to acquire Figma for $20B15-09-2022
955Patagonia founder gives away the company14-09-2022
775FB feed is 98% suggested pages and barely any friends' posts13-09-2022
1341Ladybird: A new cross-platform browser project12-09-2022
799Atkinson Hyperlegible Font11-09-2022
770Visual effects for the Indian blockbuster “RRR”10-09-2022
955What's SAP, and why's it worth $163B? (2020)09-09-2022
2827Queen Elizabeth II has died08-09-2022
742Excuse me but why are you eating so many frogs07-09-2022
967Bitwarden raises $100M06-09-2022
750Why A4? – The Mathematical Beauty of Paper Size05-09-2022
1887After self-hosting my email for twenty-three years I have thrown in the towel04-09-2022
994Blocking Kiwifarms03-09-2022
1335Show HN: I'm building an open-source Amazon02-09-2022
1007Run Stable Diffusion on Your M1 Mac’s GPU01-09-2022
723US Government Bans Export of Nvidia A100 and H100 GPUs to China and Russia31-08-2022
14284.2 Gigabytes, Or: How to Draw Anything30-08-2022
1444The Big [Censored] Theory29-08-2022
576JSON Crack – Visualize JSON data into graphs28-08-2022
685One kitchen, hundreds of internet restaurants27-08-2022
687Slack’s free plan change is causing an exodus26-08-2022
1044Guidance to make federally funded research freely available without delay25-08-2022
1212Patent Trolls Inbound: Our First Lawsuit24-08-2022
1463Design the next iPhone23-08-2022
1313Tell HN: Google Cloud suspended our production projects at 1am on Saturday22-08-2022
949A dad took photos of his toddler for a doctor – Google flagged him as a criminal21-08-2022
618Brian Kernighan adds Unicode support to Awk20-08-2022
594Resolving an unusual WiFi issue19-08-2022
1131I spent a year designing a low profile, minimal mechanical keyboard18-08-2022
1614Physical buttons outperform touchscreens in new cars, test finds17-08-2022
634A little exercise each day improves muscles more than one big weekly workout16-08-2022
672Twilio incident: What Signal users need to know15-08-2022
659Declining quality of consumer-grade products – 2009 fridge compressor autopsy14-08-2022
688I hacked my car13-08-2022
446Arrest of suspected developer of Tornado Cash12-08-2022
753A 17-year-old designed a novel synchronous reluctance motor11-08-2022
1258Instagram can track anything you do on any website in their in-app browser10-08-2022
807An incident impacting 5M accounts and private information on Twitter09-08-2022
864To uncover a deepfake video call, ask the caller to turn sideways08-08-2022
552Fake IMDB credits07-08-2022
1297Cramming 'Papers, Please' onto Phones06-08-2022
974NSA, NIST, and post-quantum crypto: my second lawsuit against the US government05-08-2022
513Tell HN: I interviewed my dad before he died04-08-2022
1070What’s the strangest thing you ever found in a book?03-08-2022
1413Use one big server02-08-2022
1082Librarian's Letter to Google Security01-08-2022
560Google Timer is gone31-07-2022
467ImHex – A Hex Editor30-07-2022
924Map showing birthplaces of "notable people" around the world29-07-2022
633AlphaFold reveals the structure of the protein universe28-07-2022
667SQLite Internals: Pages and B-trees27-07-2022
899Tesla remotely converts battery pack, cutting 1/3 of range26-07-2022
850Emoji Kitchen25-07-2022
1578Standard Ebooks24-07-2022
692More invested in nuclear fusion in last 12 months than past decade23-07-2022
880Cheap junk flooding Amazon has brand names like MOFFBUZW22-07-2022
2051Ask HN: What are some cool but obscure data structures you know about?21-07-2022
1098EU Digital Markets Act, aimed at Google, Apple, Amazon, approved20-07-2022
1147Glassdoor not so anonymous19-07-2022
746Tell HN: Internet Archive is facing a Big 4 Publishers lawsuit18-07-2022
1180I've started using Firefox and can never go back to Chrome17-07-2022
1017Scratch is a big deal16-07-2022
421How I Experience the Web Today15-07-2022
704Woman ‘dehumanised’ by viral TikTok filmed without her consent14-07-2022
818Amazon admits giving police Ring camera footage without consent13-07-2022
1636Compare Webb's Images to Hubble12-07-2022
1136Deepest infrared image of universe11-07-2022
965Uber broke laws, duped police and built lobbying operation, leak reveals10-07-2022
1048I should have loved biology09-07-2022
1324Notice of termination of Twitter merger agreement08-07-2022
606Starlink Maritime07-07-2022
1577Apple previews Lockdown Mode06-07-2022
1431Bun: Fast JavaScript runtime, transpiler, and NPM client written in Zig05-07-2022
542Kubernetes is a red flag signalling premature optimisation04-07-2022
996Pirate Library Mirror: Preserving 7TB of books (that are not in Libgen)03-07-2022
361Watching an acquirer ruin your company02-07-2022
766How much health insurers pay for almost everything is about to go public01-07-2022
769Coinbase is reportedly selling geolocation data to ICE30-06-2022
536FCC commissioner wants TikTok removed from app stores over spying concerns29-06-2022
811Thunderbird 10228-06-2022
730Things to know about databases27-06-2022
820Life is not short26-06-2022
552My awakening moment about how smartphones fragment our attention span25-06-2022
1765Supreme Court Overturns Roe vs. Wade24-06-2022
942Italian watchdog bans use of Google Analytics23-06-2022
1068The Grug Brained Developer22-06-2022
863GitHub Copilot is generally available21-06-2022
1474Contra Wirecutter on the IKEA air purifier20-06-2022
704Webcams aren't good enough19-06-2022
629Cold Showers18-06-2022
815Show HN: A central bank simulator game with a realistic economic model17-06-2022
1040Redbean 2.0 turned into more than a hobby project16-06-2022
495Cheat sheet for if I'm gone15-06-2022
1461Hertzbleed Attack14-06-2022
1398The Floppotron 3.013-06-2022
946DNS Toys11-06-2022
1036“Code” 2nd Edition10-06-2022
554Stop Interviewing with Leet Code09-06-2022
1320Sunsetting Atom08-06-2022
729I've locked myself out of my digital life07-06-2022
855Tools for Better Thinking06-06-2022
766GitHub user sends notification to 400k users05-06-2022
1077Dear Spotify, can we just get a table of songs?04-06-2022
723VSCodium – Free/Libre Open Source Software Binaries of VS Code03-06-2022
1633Tell HN: I'm Afraid We're Shutting Down02-06-2022
1157Show HN: A friend and I spent 6 years making a simulation game, finally released01-06-2022
986So I took a corporation to arbitration31-05-2022
914Dragonflydb – A modern replacement for Redis and Memcached30-05-2022
563In praise of the humble Sheffield stand29-05-2022
1840My students cheated... a lot28-05-2022
592Knots 3D – Learn how to tie over 150 useful knots27-05-2022
765SQLite 3 Fiddle26-05-2022
1362FTC fines Twitter $150M for using 2FA phone numbers for ad targeting25-05-2022
756YouTubeDrive: Store files as YouTube videos24-05-2022
988Imagen, a text-to-image diffusion model23-05-2022
479How This Ends22-05-2022
703Lotus 1-2-3 For Linux21-05-2022
1143“Amateur” programmer fought cancer with 50 Nvidia Geforce 1080Ti20-05-2022
1680The new and upgraded Framework Laptop19-05-2022
923I spent two years launching tiny projects18-05-2022
1658I want an iPhone Mini-sized Android phone17-05-2022
699Correctness and composability bugs in the Julia ecosystem16-05-2022
538Modern JavaScript Tutorial15-05-2022
597Shaped Charges – Sheet of copper going through 1ft of solid steel (2010) [video]14-05-2022
965The Apple GPU and the impossible bug13-05-2022
1032Twitter CEO fires two top executives, freezes hiring12-05-2022
2410Nvidia releases open-source GPU kernel modules11-05-2022
1097No Dislikes has officially ruined YouTube for me10-05-2022
1353I'm all-in on server-side SQLite09-05-2022
676PowerToys – open-source Windows utilities08-05-2022
1069Apple's director of machine learning resigns due to return to office work07-05-2022
1328Why do you waste so much time on the internet?06-05-2022
1473Including “And. And. And. And. And.” in a Google doc causes it to crash05-05-2022
4298Mechanical Watch04-05-2022
531Kaketsugi – A technique for repairing holes or tears in fabric (2021) [video]03-05-2022
461I won free load testing02-05-2022
979How to professionally say01-05-2022
616Internet Archive joins opposition to the “SMART Copyright Act”30-04-2022
961Airbnb’s design to live and work anywhere29-04-2022
1109Bits of advice I wish I had known28-04-2022
1367Report: 90% of nurses considering leaving the profession in the next year27-04-2022
1038Infinite Mac26-04-2022
2498Twitter set to accept Musk's $43B offer – sources25-04-2022
704No one expects young men to do anything and they are responding by doing nothing24-04-2022
753My upgrade to 25 Gbit/s Fiber To The Home23-04-2022
831Magic-trace – High-resolution traces of what a process is doing22-04-2022
825Column – a chartered bank for developers21-04-2022
566Changing std:sort at Google’s scale and beyond20-04-2022
1019Framework Laptop Mainboard19-04-2022
1040Web scraping is legal, US appeals court reaffirms18-04-2022
893The best engineering interview question I've ever gotten17-04-2022
752Show HN: Slow Social, a social network built for friends, not influencers16-04-2022
996When hiring developers, have the candidate read existing code15-04-2022
2747Elon Musk makes $43B unsolicited bid to take Twitter private14-04-2022
1232Inside the longest Atlassian outage13-04-2022
760New(ish) command line tools12-04-2022
1135Etsy Strike11-04-2022
879Persepolis of ancient Persia rendered in WebGL09-04-2022
848Dall-E 2 illustrations of Twitter bios08-04-2022
790Canada to ban foreigners from buying homes07-04-2022
1820Dall-E 206-04-2022
1260One App – Two Worlds: This Is TikTok in Russia and Ukraine05-04-2022
651Due to failure in the IT system, it is not possible to run any trains today03-04-2022
711Ask HN: When did 7 interviews become “normal”?02-04-2022
1501A few things to know before stealing my 91401-04-2022
969The smallest and worst HDMI display31-03-2022
997Google terminated our Developer Account, says it is “associated”30-03-2022
1552FTC sues Intuit for its deceptive TurboTax “free” filing campaign29-03-2022
1191Reinstating our SAT/ACT requirement for future admissions cycles28-03-2022
792Show HN: I'm writing a free book called Computer Networks from Scratch27-03-2022
1199Mourning loss as a remote team26-03-2022
811I built a receipt printer for GitHub issues25-03-2022
878The end of the nice GTK button24-03-2022
1718But life had other plans23-03-2022
1158Hackers claim to have breached Okta systems22-03-2022
1284Please put units in names21-03-2022
1194Windows needs a change in priorities20-03-2022
654Show HN: A game that tests how well you know your local area19-03-2022
840First images from James Webb telescope exceed expectations18-03-2022
768Zotero 617-03-2022
684How our free plan stays free16-03-2022
2191US Senate votes unanimously to make daylight savings time permanent15-03-2022
848Why is it hard to buy things that work well?14-03-2022
1099EU to make it mandatory to use customer-replaceable batteries in household items13-03-2022
801Teaching is a slow process of becoming everything you hate12-03-2022
990Earn-IT threatens encryption and therefore user freedom11-03-2022
574DuckDuckGo “down-rank sites associated with Russian disinformation”10-03-2022
1926Pockit: A tiny, powerful, modular computer [video]09-03-2022
1168Apple M1 Ultra08-03-2022
775The campaign to shut down YouTube-dl continues07-03-2022
905My lizard brain is no match for infinite scroll06-03-2022
607GE won’t let me use convection roast on my new oven without connecting to WiFi05-03-2022
978Fire extinguished at Ukraine nuclear power plant, Europe's largest04-03-2022
665My Stripe Tax Story03-03-2022
1044Google mandates workers back to Silicon Valley, other offices from April 402-03-2022
1135Show HN: I made a web game called Almost Pong01-03-2022
1735Namecheap: Russia Service Termination28-02-2022
568Lambda Calculus in 400 Bytes27-02-2022
477'50% of transactions were fraudulent' when Steam accepted Bitcoin for payments26-02-2022
1095Tell HN: YouTube is banning accounts that support Ukraine25-02-2022
2278Russian forces invade Ukraine after Putin orders attack24-02-2022
626I shaved 187MB off United Airlines' 439MB iOS app23-02-2022
1256Things you notice when you quit the news (2016)22-02-2022
1384Google Tag Manager, the new anti-adblock weapon (2020)21-02-2022
659Show HN: Test your shape rotation skills20-02-2022
1061Tell HN: YouTube and how my wife lost 7 years of work19-02-2022
1450Happy 15th birthday Hacker News18-02-2022
3636Google Search Is Dying15-02-2022
1211City Generator14-02-2022
853What does it mean to listen on a port?13-02-2022
570Discord is a black hole for information12-02-2022
736Key senators have voted for the anti-encryption EARN IT act11-02-2022
1172Use of Google Analytics declared illegal by French data protection authority10-02-2022
1128Major breakthrough on nuclear fusion energy09-02-2022
1000Heuristics that almost always work08-02-2022
1241Show HN: SHA-256 explained step-by-step visually07-02-2022
1094Ask HN: How do you deal with getting old and feeling lost?06-02-2022
1607Adobe tricks users into a 12 month contract05-02-2022
986Poll: Where do you live?04-02-2022
1749Facebook loses users for the first time03-02-2022
947Google to turn on activity tracking for many users who turned it off02-02-2022
790Career advice nobody gave me: Never ignore a recruiter01-02-2022
1049Moderna’s HIV vaccine has officially begun human trials31-01-2022
1016Royal Society cautions against censorship of scientific misinformation online30-01-2022
896Don't you lecture me with your thirty dollar website29-01-2022
1141I won the local election, but my township ignored the results and state law28-01-2022
656I read the federal government’s Zero-Trust Memo so you don’t have to27-01-2022
927AirPods don't “just work”26-01-2022
1165Bolt founder on Stripe/YC25-01-2022
1398I got pwned by my cloud costs24-01-2022
1508Ask HN: Gmail account security23-01-2022
740I built a system that takes pictures of all the airplanes that fly over my house22-01-2022
1168Open-Sourcing our Firmware21-01-2022
687Roblox October Outage Postmortem20-01-2022
6811Password Has Raised $620M19-01-2022
799The curious case of the Raspberry Pi in the network closet (2019)17-01-2022
471Statistical Rethinking (2022 Edition)16-01-2022
1079Essence: Desktop operating system built from scratch15-01-2022
814PayPal faces lawsuit for freezing customer accounts and funds14-01-2022
1241Show HN: Looptap – A minimal game to waste your time13-01-2022
690Apple execs: Let's take a 30% cut of Uber and Lyft's membership programs (2018)12-01-2022
1075CSS Gradients that avoid the “gray dead zone”11-01-2022
939New Year, New CEO10-01-2022
1142Upwork asking me for a $12.5k refund as the client was using someone else’s card09-01-2022
1384James Webb is fully deployed08-01-2022
3393My First Impressions of Web307-01-2022
805What the world will be like in a hundred years (1922)06-01-2022
766We handle 80TB and 5M page views a month for under $40005-01-2022
1712Elizabeth Holmes found guilty04-01-2022
592Search engines and SEO spam03-01-2022
2813Google no longer producing high quality search results in significant categories02-01-2022
780Boeing 777 departing Dubai nearly had a major incident after takeoff01-01-2022
617A single line of code made a 24-core server slower than a laptop31-12-2021
756The gift of it's your problem now30-12-2021
540FAA investigating controversial crash video29-12-2021
1222“Play-to-Earn” and Bullshit Jobs28-12-2021
877Ask HN: How did my LastPass master password get leaked?27-12-2021
632Anti-mimetic tactics for living a counter-cultural life26-12-2021
1326Microsoft forked MIT licensed repo and changed the copyright [fixed]25-12-2021
1139Wish HN: Happy Holidays24-12-2021
782Ask HN: Those making $500/month on side projects in 2021 – Show and tell23-12-2021
863Tell HN: AWS appears to be down again22-12-2021
614Hidden Networks in TP-Link Routers21-12-2021
2244Stealth bomber in flight on Google Maps20-12-2021
604Bottles: GUI front end to run Windows software on Linux19-12-2021
760Internet addiction and the habit of book reading18-12-2021
1599Open letter from the BMJ to Mark Zuckerberg17-12-2021
1665Ask HN: Are most of us developers lying about how much work we do?16-12-2021
1005A deep dive into an NSO zero-click iMessage exploit: Remote Code Execution15-12-2021
1511I started a paper website business14-12-2021
876Toyota owners have to pay $8/month to keep using their key fob for remote start13-12-2021
1225This website has 81% battery power remaining12-12-2021
571PSA: uBlock/AdBlocks on Chrome to lose function thanks to Manifestv311-12-2021
737Sleep technique used by Salvador Dalí works10-12-2021
1385Log4j RCE Found09-12-2021
1209Apple CEO Tim Cook 'secretly' signed $275B deal with China in 201608-12-2021
1658AWS us-east-1 outage07-12-2021
1094CT scans of AirPods evolution06-12-2021
985Apple broke up with me05-12-2021
503Apache Guacamole04-12-2021
1093U.S. State Department phones hacked with Israeli company spyware03-12-2021
1475100 years of whatever this will be02-12-2021
938This shouldn't have happened: A vulnerability postmortem01-12-2021
1703Accepted and ghosted: interviewing for a leadership position at Stripe30-11-2021
1692I resigned from Twitter29-11-2021
786Proof of stake is incapable of producing a consensus28-11-2021
442Ask HN: Software Engineer hitting 40: what's next?27-11-2021
1128Einstein award going to Paul Ginsparg for creating arXiv.org26-11-2021
1098Tell HN: Happy Thanksgiving Everyone25-11-2021
1057QOI: Lossless Image Compression in O(n) Time24-11-2021
1122Apple sues NSO Group to curb the abuse of state-sponsored spyware23-11-2021
914Rust Moderation Team Resigns22-11-2021
628Only 90s web developers remember this (2014)21-11-2021
886Vertiwalk Vertical Walking20-11-2021
693Show HN: Pony – a messenger for mindful correspondence19-11-2021
812Spy camera detection using smartphone time-of-flight sensors18-11-2021
3192“Click to subscribe, call to cancel” is illegal, FTC says17-11-2021
774Individuals Matter16-11-2021
662Blacksmith – Rowhammer bit flips on all DRAM devices today despite mitigations15-11-2021
899The bullet effects in Terminator 2 weren’t CGI14-11-2021
637Sign arbitrary data with your SSH keys13-11-2021
876Show HN: Long Range E-Bike12-11-2021
1356I'm “still afraid to use spaces in file names” years old11-11-2021
1439Making the dislike count private across YouTube10-11-2021
985Show HN: I'm 48 and finally learning how to be a game developer09-11-2021
1631Use forums rather than Slack/Discord to support developer community08-11-2021
1185What is AT&T doing at 1111340002?07-11-2021
556Don’t be spooky06-11-2021
1077Show HN: My wife is pregnant; naturally I made a baby-name app to prepare05-11-2021
864An oral history of Bank Python04-11-2021
1044Thank you, GitHub03-11-2021
1130Google's infamous internal 2010 “I just want to serve 5TB” video now public02-11-2021
654Report on Stablecoins [pdf]01-11-2021
630Wacom drawing tablets track the name of every application that you open31-10-2021
1031The metaverse is bullshit30-10-2021
1286Grand jury subpoena for Signal user data, Central District of California29-10-2021
126055 GiB/s FizzBuzz28-10-2021
718New MacBook Pro has first ‘DIY-friendly’ battery replacement design since 201227-10-2021
1184This word does not exist26-10-2021
818The FBI's internal guide for getting data from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon25-10-2021
1417Google has a secret deal with FB called “Jedi Blue” that they knew was illegal24-10-2021
812RSS is wonderful23-10-2021
817John Carmack pushes out unlocked OS for defunct Oculus Go headset22-10-2021
1859Willingness to look stupid21-10-2021
826Overly analytical guide to escorting19-10-2021
1657MacBook Pro 14-inch and MacBook Pro 16-inch18-10-2021
624Obsidian – A knowledge base from a local folder of plain text Markdown files17-10-2021
970Canon sued for disabling scanner when printers run out of ink16-10-2021
841A viable solution for Python concurrency15-10-2021
1300Governor vows criminal prosecution of reporter who found flaw in state website14-10-2021
600Apple silently fixes iOS zero-day, asks bug reporter to keep quiet13-10-2021
1912IoT hacking and rickrolling my high school district12-10-2021
887Open Source Tractor11-10-2021
544Understanding Python through its builtins10-10-2021
938EU court rules no EULA can forbid decompilation, if you want to fix a bug09-10-2021
1605Things I’ve learned in my 20 years as a software engineer08-10-2021
748Mozilla to put ads in Firefox address bar suggestions07-10-2021
1271Twitch source code and customer data has reportedly been leaked06-10-2021
1143Facebook Whistleblower Leaks Thousands of Pages of Incriminating Internal Docs05-10-2021
2589Facebook-owned sites were down04-10-2021
1312Pandora papers: biggest leak of offshore data exposes financial secrets of rich03-10-2021
499Google destroyed our startup by terminating our Play Developer Account02-10-2021
817NFT projects are just MLMs for tech elites01-10-2021
950PostgreSQL 1430-09-2021
1408YouTube is banning anti-vaccine activists and blocking all anti-vaccine content29-09-2021
1040What it's like to spend 40-50 hours in VR every week28-09-2021
741Something weird is happening on Facebook27-09-2021
1002Moiré No More26-09-2021
415The most impressive linguistic feat I’ve ever seen25-09-2021
2049Disclosure of three 0-day iOS vulnerabilities24-09-2021
744Google keeps records of everything you buy, even if you delete the email receipt23-09-2021
1595Google Drive of historical footage locked and flagged as terrorist activity22-09-2021
2666The Framework is the most exciting laptop I've used21-09-2021
1359Show HN: 40k HN comments mentioning books, extracted using deep learning20-09-2021
707Serving Netflix Video at 400Gb/s on FreeBSD [pdf]19-09-2021
497Belgian ISP under 250 Gbps DDoS for days on end18-09-2021
942Gitlab S-117-09-2021
3441A search engine that favors text-heavy sites and punishes modern web design16-09-2021
1003Apple blocked the FlickType Watch keyboard then announced a clone of it15-09-2021
1069Facebook knows Instagram is toxic for teen girls, company documents show14-09-2021
1193I refuse to let Amazon define Rust13-09-2021
668Starbucks and TrustArc add fake cookie processing delay if you don't click agree12-09-2021
788September 11, 2001 media synced in real-time11-09-2021
1420Court issues permanent injunction in Epic vs. Apple case10-09-2021
1314Tell HN: Thanks to thehodge and littlewarden.com, this site is up today09-09-2021
915MIT-designed project achieves major advance toward fusion energy08-09-2021
1070Show HN: Web browser to help programmers think clearly07-09-2021
718Germany wants smartphone makers to offer 7 years of software updates06-09-2021
1285Climate activist arrested after ProtonMail provided his IP address05-09-2021
1236Delays aren’t good enough – Apple must abandon its surveillance plans04-09-2021
1401Apple Delays Rollout of Child Safety Features03-09-2021
1690O.mg Cable02-09-2021
579Linux on the Framework Laptop01-09-2021
1354Apple and Google must allow other in-app payment systems, Korean law declares31-08-2021
1030China has forbidden under-18s from playing games for more than three hours/week30-08-2021
1180Show HN: We built an end-to-end encrypted alternative to Google Photos29-08-2021
675The real OnlyFans scandal is the unaccountable power of platforms and banks28-08-2021
995Arm China Has Gone Rogue27-08-2021
861The All-Seeing “i”: Apple Just Declared War on Your Privacy26-08-2021
982Prettymaps: Small Python library to draw customized maps from OpenStreetMap data25-08-2021
954Googlespeak – How Google limits thought about antitrust24-08-2021
1137My mouse driver is asking for a firewall exemption (2019)23-08-2021
763PAM Duress – Alternate passwords for panic situations22-08-2021
643Google's Secret Initiative – “Project Hug”21-08-2021
962Facebook hacker beat my 2FA, bricked my Oculus, and hit the company credit card20-08-2021
1147OnlyFans to block sexually explicit videos starting in October19-08-2021
1389Hash collision in Apple NeuralHash model18-08-2021
1216Show HN: Imba – I have spent 7 years creating a programming language for the web17-08-2021
1138Psst: Fast Spotify client with native GUI, without Electron, built in Rust16-08-2021
586Introducing the PineNote15-08-2021
596Asahi Linux for Apple M1 progress report, August 202114-08-2021
853FOSS app removed from the Play Store for linking to the project's website13-08-2021
1778Apple's child protection features spark concern within its own ranks: sources12-08-2021
861GitHub’s engineering team has moved to Codespaces11-08-2021
1007TikTok overtakes Facebook as most downloaded app10-08-2021
1465Climate change: IPCC report is 'code red for humanity'09-08-2021
1484One Bad Apple08-08-2021
1082An open letter against Apple's new privacy-invasive client-side content scanning07-08-2021
1187An Open Letter Against Apple's Privacy-Invasive Content Scanning Technology06-08-2021
2260Apple's plan to “think different” about encryption opens a backdoor to your life05-08-2021
743The surreal experience of my first developer job04-08-2021
635NSA Kubernetes Hardening Guidance [pdf]03-08-2021
967The rise of never-ending job interviews02-08-2021
872New in Git: switch and restore01-08-2021
686Faster CRDTs: An Adventure in Optimization31-07-2021
908Who Owns My Name?30-07-2021
1130How Dwarf Fortress is built29-07-2021
533IPv4 pricing28-07-2021
809Element raises $30M to boost Matrix27-07-2021
743The Insecurity Industry26-07-2021
674Anna Kiesenhofer: Mathematician, amateur cyclist, Olympic champion25-07-2021
566Self hosting is important24-07-2021
1502The Framework Laptop is now shipping23-07-2021
521Migrating Facebook to MySQL 8.022-07-2021
626The FTC Votes Unanimously to Enforce Right to Repair21-07-2021
677Our lawsuit against ChessBase20-07-2021
875Assange case: Key witness admits he lied19-07-2021
843Looking Glass: Run a Windows VM on Linux in a window with native performance18-07-2021
405What Went Wrong?17-07-2021
1330Google Drive bans distribution of “misleading content”16-07-2021
2517Valve Steam Deck15-07-2021
2075The unreasonable effectiveness of just showing up everyday14-07-2021
763The worst volume control UI in the world (2017)13-07-2021
907Tesla’s $16k Quote for a $700 Fix Is Why Right to Repair Matters12-07-2021
987EU withheld a study that shows piracy doesn't hurt sales (2017)11-07-2021
694“One Day Longer and Those 13 Boys Would Be Dead”10-07-2021
1328NDA expired, let’s spill the beans on a weird startup09-07-2021
1017All public GitHub code was used in training Copilot08-07-2021
872Npm Audit: broken by design?07-07-2021
938European Parliament approves mass surveillance of private communication06-07-2021
509Show HN: RSS feeds for arbitrary websites using CSS selectors05-07-2021
665Is Alexandra Elbakyan in real trouble this time?04-07-2021
848I do not agree with Github's use of copyrighted code as training for Copilot03-07-2021
1280Copilot regurgitating Quake code, including sweary comments02-07-2021
701The most precious resource is agency01-07-2021
2682A foreign seller has hijacked my Amazon Klein bottle listing30-06-2021
2905GitHub Copilot29-06-2021
1202The 'Fuck You' Pattern28-06-2021
591Mumble: Open-Source, Low Latency, High Quality Voice Chat27-06-2021
1278Reddit’s disrespectful design26-06-2021
944User Inyerface – A worst-practice UI experiment25-06-2021
1279WD My Book users wake up to find their data deleted24-06-2021
2091John McAfee found dead in Spanish jail after court approves extradition to US23-06-2021
1208A from-scratch tour of Bitcoin in Python22-06-2021
881Japan's government plans to encourage 4-day workweek, but experts split21-06-2021
962Hire-to-fire at Amazon India?20-06-2021
711Massachusetts health notifications app installed without users’ knowledge19-06-2021
73680% of orgs that paid the ransom were hit again18-06-2021
1797I wrote a children's book / illustrated guide to Apache Kafka17-06-2021
898Apple's iCloud+ “VPN”16-06-2021
815Universities have formed a company that looks a lot like a patent troll15-06-2021
1057Stripe Identity14-06-2021
693Gooey: Turn almost any Python command line program into a GUI application13-06-2021
841Do you really need Redis? How to get away with just PostgreSQL12-06-2021
825ALiEn – a GPU-accelerated artificial life simulation program11-06-2021
1241iOS 15 Humane10-06-2021
671If you sell a house these days, the buyer might be a pension fund09-06-2021
1255Fastly Outage08-06-2021
4022Replit used legal threats to kill my open-source project07-06-2021
1210Hundreds of fishing vessels vanishing along Argentina’s waters06-06-2021
1047G7: Rich nations back deal to tax multinationals05-06-2021
2339An Unbelievable Demo04-06-2021
1426The lab-leak theory: inside the fight to uncover Covid-19’s origins03-06-2021
2330Stack Overflow sold to Prosus for $1.8B02-06-2021
1023Employees are quitting instead of giving up working from home01-06-2021
623Wikipedia is swimming in money–why is it begging people to donate?31-05-2021
1086Drunk Post: Things I've Learned as a Sr Engineer30-05-2021
1189Trials begin on lozenge that rebuilds tooth enamel29-05-2021
1644I quit my job to focus on SerenityOS full time28-05-2021
877River Runner: drop a raindrop anywhere in the USA, watch where it ends up27-05-2021
1067M1racles: An Apple M1 covert channel vulnerability26-05-2021
988Stripe Payment Links25-05-2021
670DOOM Captcha24-05-2021
1331One man’s fight for the right to repair broken MacBooks23-05-2021
602A new replication crisis: Research that is less likely to be true is cited more22-05-2021
1436Sublime Text 421-05-2021
976Extreme HTTP Performance Tuning20-05-2021
1464A teenager's guide to avoiding actual work19-05-2021
1661Ethereum will use around 99.95% less energy post merge18-05-2021
1008Why is the Gaza Strip blurry on Google Maps?17-05-2021
800Observing my cellphone switch towers16-05-2021
1256Modern Javascript: Everything you missed over the last 10 years (2020)15-05-2021
1204A URL Lengthener14-05-2021
699Pentagon surveilling Americans without a warrant, Senator Wyden reveals13-05-2021
1167Google Docs will now use canvas based rendering12-05-2021
709Germany bans Facebook from handling WhatsApp data over privacy concerns11-05-2021
611US passes emergency waiver over fuel pipeline cyber-attack10-05-2021
1299The Animal Is Tired09-05-2021
888I’ve had the same supper for 10 years08-05-2021
589Rufus: Reliable USB Formatting Utility07-05-2021
1016LiveLeak shuts down after 15 years online06-05-2021
803ClearURLs – automatically remove tracking elements from URLs05-05-2021
1235Instagram ads Facebook won't show you04-05-2021
722Back in 1993, I was taking a number theory class03-05-2021
1812Hosting SQLite databases on GitHub Pages or any static file hoster02-05-2021
922Piano teacher gets copyright claim for Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata [video]01-05-2021
2333Internal Combustion Engine30-04-2021
1252Michael Collins, Apollo 11 astronaut, has died28-04-2021
1194My Current HTML Boilerplate27-04-2021
883Changes at Basecamp26-04-2021
915Feynman: I am burned out and I'll never accomplish anything (1985)25-04-2021
1414Dan Kaminsky has died24-04-2021
1524Why Lichess will always be free23-04-2021
931Stranded sailor allowed to leave abandoned ship after four years22-04-2021
3025“They introduce kernel bugs on purpose”21-04-2021
1109The Endless Acid Banger: algorithmic self-composing acid techno music20-04-2021
797Microsoft says mandatory password changing is “ancient and obsolete” (2019)19-04-2021
585Livebook: A collaborative and interactive code notebook for Elixir18-04-2021
1245Thanks for the Bonus, I Quit17-04-2021
658SpaceX wins contract to develop spacecraft to land astronauts on the moon16-04-2021
1209Time flies in Google Earth’s biggest update in years15-04-2021
1192Show HN: Lofi.cafe14-04-2021
1875Just Be Rich13-04-2021
817Adobe charges subscription cancellation fee12-04-2021
559std::unique_ptr implementation backed by Ethereum NFTs11-04-2021
546Everyone is still terrible at creating software at scale10-04-2021
1595uBlock Origin works best on Firefox09-04-2021
1330The architecture behind a one-person tech startup08-04-2021
2022Ask HN: What tech job would let me get away with the least real work possible?07-04-2021
1206I refused to become an FBI informant, the government put me on the no fly list06-04-2021
4103Google’s copying of the Java SE API was fair use [pdf]05-04-2021
742Show HN: PDFs from HTML04-04-2021
1296533M Facebook users' phone numbers and personal data have been leaked online03-04-2021
1558Microsoft Coffee02-04-2021
534Latest EmDrive tests at Dresden University shows it does not develop any thrust01-04-2021
787Inside a viral website31-03-2021
1944Whistleblower: Ubiquiti Breach “Catastrophic”30-03-2021
1248Moderna mRNA sequence released to GitHub [pdf]29-03-2021
1005Female Founder Secrets: Men Clamming Up28-03-2021
932Louvre makes its entire collection available online27-03-2021
957Only Google is really allowed to crawl the web26-03-2021
1453Is that ship still stuck?25-03-2021
919Show HN: I wrote a book about Go24-03-2021
1055Suez canal blocked by a massive ship23-03-2021
1167Why the Wuhan lab leak theory shouldn't be dismissed22-03-2021
844Richard Stallman is coming back to the board of the FSF21-03-2021
1107Demoscene accepted as UNESCO cultural heritage in Germany20-03-2021
905Manim – an animation engine for explanatory math videos18-03-2021
3353GitHub, fuck your name change17-03-2021
529We Don’t Use Docker16-03-2021
1032Rockstar thanks GTA Online player who fixed load times, official update coming15-03-2021
1012Dhcpcd Will Need a New Maintainer13-03-2021
610Bitwarden Send - A trusted way to securely share information with anyone12-03-2021
1683I bought 300 emoji domain names from Kazakhstan and built an email service11-03-2021
1141Fire declared in OVH SBG2 datacentre building10-03-2021
994I want a computer that I own09-03-2021
1010“ISO obstructs adoption of standards by paywalling them”08-03-2021
1461Remembering Allan McDonald, who refused to approve the Challenger launch07-03-2021
752Dolt is Git for Data: a SQL database that you can fork, clone, branch, merge06-03-2021
103830k U.S. organizations newly hacked via holes in Microsoft Exchange Server05-03-2021
1683It Can Happen to You04-03-2021
1032NASA's Perseverance rover sends stunning images03-03-2021
1105Beyond Meat signs global supply deals with McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut02-03-2021
1215Are Xiaomi browsers spyware? Yes, they are (2020)01-03-2021
3883How I cut GTA Online loading times by 70%28-02-2021
603A Vim Guide for Advanced Users27-02-2021
1998Show HN: Redbean – Single-file distributable web server26-02-2021
2563The Framework Laptop25-02-2021
1723My experience as a Gazan girl getting into Silicon Valley companies24-02-2021
1527Total Cookie Protection23-02-2021
1108Daft Punk Break Up22-02-2021
603Choose Boring Technology (2015)21-02-2021
1669Draw an iceberg and see how it would float in water20-02-2021
1185Mars becomes the 2nd planet that has more computers running Linux than Windows19-02-2021
1801Before buying a NYT subscription, here's what it'll take to cancel it18-02-2021
825Why did I leave Google or, why did I stay so long?17-02-2021
986What I Worked On16-02-2021
471SolarWinds hack was 'largest and most sophisticated attack' ever: MSFT president15-02-2021
866Statement on New York Times Article14-02-2021
78950 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists to Blame Fat (2016)13-02-2021
1168“I saw that you spun up an Ubuntu image in Azure”12-02-2021
993Beej's Guide to Network Programming (1994-2020)11-02-2021
1107Dependency Confusion: How I Hacked Into Apple, Microsoft and Other Companies10-02-2021
1692Github1s – One second to read GitHub code with VS Code09-02-2021
2023Terraria on Stadia cancelled after developer's Google account gets locked08-02-2021
981Accused murderer wins right to check source code of DNA testing kit07-02-2021
859Homebrew 3.005-02-2021
1171Help users in Iran reconnect to Signal04-02-2021
1033I Still Use RSS03-02-2021
1941Email from Jeff Bezos to employees02-02-2021
1337VideoLAN is 20 years old today01-02-2021
1167CDC website built by Deloitte at a cost of $44M is abandoned due to bugs31-01-2021
527My 90s TV: Browse 90s Television30-01-2021
2009Element (Matrix chat app) suspended from the Google Play Store29-01-2021
2706Robinhood is limiting purchases of stocks: AMC, Blackberry, Nokia, and GameStop28-01-2021
1434The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company27-01-2021
1569Firefox 85 cracks down on supercookies26-01-2021
911Time-lapse of a single cell transforming into a salamander (2019)25-01-2021
1164Software engineering topics I changed my mind on24-01-2021
472I bought 200 Raspberry Pi Model B’s and I’m going to fix them23-01-2021
884Brad Cox has died22-01-2021
2019Select a muscle and it provides the exercises to workout the selected muscle21-01-2021
962Show HN: Beeper – All Your Chats in One App20-01-2021
1461Amazon: Not OK – Why we had to change Elastic licensing19-01-2021
851I wasted $40k on a fantastic startup idea18-01-2021
571BitLocker Lockscreen Bypass17-01-2021
1714Google Safe Browsing can kill a startup16-01-2021
1364Thanks HN: You helped save a company that now helps thousands make a living15-01-2021
804Apple removes first-party firewall exemption in macOS 11.2 beta 214-01-2021
1149Signal community: Reminder: Please be nice13-01-2021
1060How Silicon Valley destroyed Parler12-01-2021
1245Stealing Your Private YouTube Videos, One Frame at a Time11-01-2021
1505GNOME has no thumbnails in the file picker and my toilets are blocked10-01-2021
661Pfizer vaccine appears effective against mutation in new coronavirus variants09-01-2021
1961Permanent suspension of @realDonaldTrump08-01-2021
1329No meetings, no deadlines, no full-time employees07-01-2021
2254WhatsApp gives users an ultimatum: Share data with Facebook or stop using app06-01-2021
1727GitHub is fully available in Iran05-01-2021
1643A group of Google workers have announced plans to unionize04-01-2021
1793Uber discovered they’d been defrauded out of 2/3 of their ad spend03-01-2021
1444A half-hour to learn Rust02-01-2021
1602My Experience at Apple01-01-2021
986Happy New Year HN31-12-2020
676Show HN: PSX Party – Online Multiplayer Playstation 1 Emulator Using WebRTC30-12-2020
1218Do You Love Me? [video]29-12-2020
599Cosmopolitan Libc: build-once run-anywhere C library28-12-2020
1244Just Wanted to Say Thanks27-12-2020
570Photocatalyst splits water into H and O2 at quantum efficiency near 100%26-12-2020
779Ruby 3.025-12-2020
527Snapdrop – AirDrop equivalent through a web browser using WebRTC24-12-2020
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825Write code. Not too much. Mostly functions.21-12-2020
826All problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone (2014)20-12-2020
690Being kind to others is good for your health19-12-2020
1245Jetbrains founders turn billionaires without VC help18-12-2020
2941No Cookie for You17-12-2020
1000Firefox Was Always Enough16-12-2020
657Facebook to move UK users to California terms, avoiding EU privacy rules15-12-2020
2316Google outage – resolved14-12-2020
869Goodreads plans to retire API access, disables existing API keys13-12-2020
669I Hacked into Facebook's Legal Department Admin Panel12-12-2020
827Advanced Compilers: Self-Guided Online Course11-12-2020
752Facebook being investigated in Germany for tying Oculus use to Facebook accounts10-12-2020
2132Cameras and Lenses09-12-2020
996AirPods Max08-12-2020
1307Zero-click, wormable, cross-platform remote code execution in Microsoft Teams07-12-2020
717Linus Torvalds' good taste argument for linked lists, explained06-12-2020
864Radicle: A peer-to-peer alternative to GitHub05-12-2020
755Netscape and Sun Announce JavaScript (1995)04-12-2020
918Stripe Treasury03-12-2020
933Google illegally spied on workers before firing them, US labor board alleges02-12-2020
1091Amazon EC2 Mac Instances01-12-2020
1473AlphaFold: a solution to a 50-year-old grand challenge in biology30-11-2020
726Show HN: I Rebuilt MySpace from 200729-11-2020
1598Tony Hsieh has died28-11-2020
2363Tell HN: Thank You Dang27-11-2020
1080I spent eleven years working on this Line Rider track26-11-2020
614macOS has checked app signatures online for over 2 years25-11-2020
1049Email a Dumpster Fire24-11-2020
878Zoomquilt (2004)23-11-2020
1019Building Your Color Palette22-11-2020
694Cover Your Tracks21-11-2020
642Dev Fonts20-11-2020
1215Beirut Port Explosion19-11-2020
993DisneyMustPay Alan Dean Foster18-11-2020
1025Servo’s new home17-11-2020
2636YouTube-dl's repository has been restored16-11-2020
716“Facebook has taken the name of my open source project ”15-11-2020
894Intel's disruption is now complete14-11-2020
1514Your Computer Isn't Yours13-11-2020
2603macOS unable to open any non-Apple application12-11-2020
783An updated daily front page of The New York Times as artwork on your wall11-11-2020
1616Zoom lied to users about end-to-end encryption for years, FTC says10-11-2020
1887Covid vaccine: First ‘milestone’ vaccine offers 90% protection09-11-2020
1530EU Draft Council Declaration Against Encryption [pdf]08-11-2020
3089Biden wins White House, vowing new direction for divided U.S.07-11-2020
701Helsinki Relocation Package: City as a Service06-11-2020
1013GitHub Source Code Leak05-11-2020
1181Disclosure: Unlimited Chase Ultimate Rewards Points04-11-2020
624GitHub: Widespread Injection Vulnerabilities in Actions03-11-2020
2594Raspberry Pi 400 Desktop PC02-11-2020
922New youtube-dl release: v2020.11.01.101-11-2020
633Sean Connery has died31-10-2020
603From McDonald's to Google30-10-2020
1441My Resignation from the Intercept29-10-2020
889Wikimedia is moving to Gitlab28-10-2020
772RIAA’s YouTube-dl takedown ticks off developers and GitHub’s CEO27-10-2020
1651How journalists use youtube-dl26-10-2020
1098YouTube-dl is now part of GitHub/dmca.git25-10-2020
1242I am an Uighur who faced China’s concentration camps24-10-2020
4240YouTube-dl has received a DMCA takedown from RIAA23-10-2020
845I reverse engineered McDonalds’ internal API22-10-2020
1457Facebook Container for Firefox21-10-2020
1572U.S. Accuses Google of Illegally Protecting Monopoly20-10-2020
952This page is a truly naked, brutalist HTML quine19-10-2020
1320Chrome exempts Google sites from user site data settings18-10-2020
446We deleted the production database by accident17-10-2020
1466AWS forked my project and launched it as its own service16-10-2020
1262A warning about Glassdoor15-10-2020
1235Room-Temperature Superconductivity Achieved for the First Time14-10-2020
6142.1M of the oldest Usenet posts are now online for anyone to read13-10-2020
575The Serverless Revolution Has Stalled12-10-2020
707The AMD Radeon Graphics Driver Makes Up Roughly 10.5% of the Linux Kernel11-10-2020
1512Apple tells Telegram to take down protestor channels in Belarus10-10-2020
681ProtonMail CEO calls Apple's forced in-app purchases 'Mafia extortion'09-10-2020
1454We Hacked Apple for 3 Months08-10-2020
1392Show HN: I built a Rotten Tomatoes-style platform for durable products07-10-2020
1589Show HN: I made a site where you practice typing by retyping entire novels06-10-2020
1041Missing Covid-19 test data was caused by the ill-thought-out use of Excel05-10-2020
714French bar owners arrested for offering free WiFi but not keeping logs04-10-2020
777Honda quits F1, invests in carbon-free tech instead03-10-2020
787One Guy Ruined Hacktoberfest 202002-10-2020
1040My friend starts her job today, after learning to program in prison01-10-2020
816DigitalOcean's Hacktoberfest Is Hurting Open Source30-09-2020
2692Social Cooling (2017)29-09-2020
1181CRDTs are the future28-09-2020
976Someone has stolen my Instagram account27-09-2020
865Ask HN: How to learn sales?26-09-2020
865Firefox's JIT is getting significantly faster25-09-2020
913Epic, Spotify, and Tinder form advocacy group to push for app store changes24-09-2020
1624Firefox usage is down despite Mozilla's top exec pay going up23-09-2020
1093Embedded PDF viewer in Firefox 81 supports filling forms22-09-2020
1287I no longer build software21-09-2020
1275On the Use of a Life20-09-2020
484Precursor – A mobile, open source electronics platform19-09-2020
1738Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died18-09-2020
1666This electrical transmission tower has a problem17-09-2020
2326When you browse Instagram and find Tony Abbott's passport number16-09-2020
1336Chuck Feeney Is Now Officially Broke15-09-2020
775Microsoft's underwater data centre resurfaces after two years14-09-2020
2122Nvidia to Acquire Arm for $40B13-09-2020
633Super Mario Bros. 3 in 3 Minutes – World Record Speedrun Explained [video]12-09-2020
939Security by obscurity is underrated11-09-2020
819Relativty – An open-source VR headset10-09-2020
896The Long-Term Stock Exchange Opens for Business09-09-2020
578Why I link to Wayback Machine instead of original web content08-09-2020
1227BitTorrent v207-09-2020
844Common color mistakes and how to avoid them06-09-2020
780Show HN: Linux sysadmin course, eight years on05-09-2020
710Reddit app got 50M downloads by making mobile web experience miserable04-09-2020
749David Graeber has died03-09-2020
1722Ninth Circuit rules NSA's bulk collection of Americans' call records was illegal02-09-2020
900Airline pilots landing at LAX report “a guy in jetpack” flying alongside them01-09-2020
648Supporting Linux kernel development in Rust31-08-2020
914Level 3 Global Outage30-08-2020
1600American Academy of Sleep Medicine calls for elimination of daylight saving time29-08-2020
1313Google is apparently taking down all/most Fediverse apps from the Play Store28-08-2020
1410ReMarkable 2.0 – A digital notebook that feels like paper27-08-2020
1326Arwes – Futuristic Sci-Fi / Cyberpunk Graphical User Interface Framework26-08-2020
1387Africa declared free of wild polio25-08-2020
830Being OK with not being extraordinary24-08-2020
699Persisting as a solo founder23-08-2020
1257Degoogle: Cutting Google out of your life22-08-2020
824Telegram messaging app proves crucial to Belarus protests21-08-2020
884New academic journal only publishes 'unsurprising' research rejected by others20-08-2020
1403Ask HN: Why is Reddit on mobile so obsessed with making me use their app?19-08-2020
1858Facebook account now required to login to Oculus devices18-08-2020
985I fear App Review is getting too powerful (2015) [pdf]17-08-2020
716Amazon Liable for Defective Third-Party Products Rules CA Appellate Court16-08-2020
721Kosmonaut: web browser from scratch in Rust15-08-2020
1878Factorio 1.014-08-2020
1704Apple just kicked Fortnite off the App Store13-08-2020
1518Mozilla Lifeboat12-08-2020
1602Mozilla lays off 250 employees while it refocuses on commercial products11-08-2020
769Uber and Lyft ordered by California judge to classify drivers as employees10-08-2020
792I want to have an AWS region where everything breaks with high frequency09-08-2020
771Apple takes legal action against small company with pear logo08-08-2020
734US to ban transactions with ByteDance and WeChat in 45 days07-08-2020
1194Germany plans to dim lights at night to save insects06-08-2020
1043Moved a server from one building to another with zero downtime05-08-2020
868Show HN: I built an After Effects for dummies04-08-2020
785A ride that takes 10^20k years to complete in Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 [video]03-08-2020
1037Laws of UX02-08-2020
967Unbricking a $2k bike with a $10 Raspberry Pi01-08-2020
1106Nvidia is reportedly in ‘advanced talks’ to buy ARM for more than $32B31-07-2020
1594Apple does not keep the 30% commission on a refund30-07-2020
737Historical programming-language groups disappearing from Google28-07-2020
550One hour of slow breathing changed my life27-07-2020
841New ‘Meow’ attack has deleted almost 4k unsecured databases26-07-2020
515LSD Chemist William Pickard to Be Released from Prison25-07-2020
653Editorial board of Index and more than 70 staff members resign24-07-2020
1125Amazon met with startups about investing, then launched competing products23-07-2020
738Ask HN: Is all of FAANG like this?22-07-2020
945Systems Design for Advanced Beginners21-07-2020
972Turns out half the internet has a single-point-of-failure called “Cloudflare”20-07-2020
562Fixing Mass Effect black blobs on modern AMD CPUs19-07-2020
1079OpenAI's GPT-3 may be the biggest thing since Bitcoin18-07-2020
926Cloudflare was down17-07-2020
1074When your coworker does great work, tell their manager16-07-2020
2595Hackers take over prominent Twitter accounts in simultaneous attack15-07-2020
1963Grant Imahara Has Died14-07-2020
880I Know What You Download on BitTorrent13-07-2020
782Do not remain nameless to yourself (1966)12-07-2020
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787Don't close your MacBook with a cover over the camera10-07-2020
1489U.S. Supreme Court deems half of Oklahoma a Native American reservation09-07-2020
1106Linux Mint drops Ubuntu Snap packages08-07-2020
1055Google offers free fabbing for 130nm open-source chips07-07-2020
8851:60 scale Boeing 777 made from manila folders06-07-2020
654The Wrong Abstraction (2016)05-07-2020
1130Where Am I? NYTimes or Google?04-07-2020
675Zettlr – FOSS markdown editor for personal knowledge management and publishing03-07-2020
928LinkedIn is copying the contents of my clipboard on every keystroke02-07-2020
2229Oppose the Earn IT Act01-07-2020
2282The End of the Redis Adventure30-06-2020
1483India bans TikTok, WeChat, and dozens of other Chinese apps29-06-2020
699Foam – A Roam Research alternative with VSCode, Markdown and GitHub28-06-2020
944Lemmy, an open-source federated Reddit alternative, gets funding for development27-06-2020
836Santa Cruz, California bans predictive policing in U.S. first26-06-2020
1039When you type realty.com into Safari it takes you to realtor.com25-06-2020
1847iOS14 reveals that TikTok may snoop clipboard contents every few keystrokes24-06-2020
2450I Am Deleting the Blog23-06-2020
1869Apple announces it will switch to its own processors for future Macs22-06-2020
1169Teach Yourself Computer Science21-06-2020
385Why Figma Wins20-06-2020
1044You download the app and it doesn’t work19-06-2020
1363Mozilla VPN18-06-2020
1220Time to Upgrade Your Monitor17-06-2020
804Drive through cities in the browser while listening to local radio stations16-06-2020
906Adobe to remove Flash Player from web site after December 202015-06-2020
869Google adds experimental setting to hide full URLs in Chrome 85 address bar14-06-2020
1069Zoom Acknowledges It Suspended Activists' Accounts at China's Request13-06-2020
878Play Counter-Strike 1.6 in your browser12-06-2020
1104MIT Ends Elsevier Negotiations11-06-2020
2003Zoom closes account of U.S.-based Chinese activist after Tiananmen event10-06-2020
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778Container technologies at Coinbase: Why Kubernetes is not part of our stack08-06-2020
709Most tech content is bullshit07-06-2020
952New slats make the Golden Gate Bridge sound like a David Lynch movie06-06-2020
723SimRefinery Recovered05-06-2020
649The Beauty of Unix Pipelines04-06-2020
1094Zoom says it won’t encrypt free calls so it can work more with law enforcement03-06-2020
1125Police attacks against journalists across the U.S. since May 2802-06-2020
589This Website Will Self Destruct01-06-2020
2634Ask HN: Am I the longest-serving programmer – 57 years and counting?31-05-2020
2856SpaceX successfully launches two humans into orbit30-05-2020
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1237New York Times phasing out all 3rd-party advertising data19-05-2020
1783Google deletes “communist bandits” from comments on Youtube18-05-2020
798It’s Time to Get Back to RSS17-05-2020
1186If I could bring one thing back to the internet it would be blogs16-05-2020
975A small restaurant owner on Google, DoorDash, and Grubhub15-05-2020
969Do not Draw a Penis14-05-2020
2081Deno 1.013-05-2020
2953Twitter Will Allow Employees to Work at Home Forever12-05-2020
1224We at $Famous_company switched to $Hyped_technology11-05-2020
774Convincing-looking 90s fonts in modern browsers10-05-2020
1044Write Libraries, Not Frameworks09-05-2020
1417We Chat, They Watch08-05-2020
1879Zoom Acquires Keybase07-05-2020
1769GitHub Codespaces06-05-2020
791Citing revenue declines, Airbnb cuts 25% of workforce05-05-2020
3816Bye, Amazon04-05-2020
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770SSH hacks – a little sanity for remote workers29-04-2020
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888Disney claims anyone using a Twitter hashtag is agreeing to their terms of use27-04-2020
767Eloquent JavaScript 3rd Edition (2018)26-04-2020
785In 4 US state prisons, 3,300 inmates test positive, 96% without symptoms25-04-2020
861Seinfeld Adventure24-04-2020
1350Amazon scooped up data from its own sellers to launch competing products23-04-2020
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1134Stripe records user movements on its customers' websites21-04-2020
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721Stripe raises $600M at nearly $36B valuation16-04-2020
1539New iPhone SE15-04-2020
2589GitHub is now free for teams14-04-2020
710Inkscape 1.0 Release Candidate13-04-2020
629Ask HN: Programs that saved you 100 hours?12-04-2020
2305John Conway has died11-04-2020
823Apple and Google partner on Covid-19 contact tracing technology10-04-2020
862Signal threatens to dump US market if EARN IT act passes09-04-2020
1429New Google SRE book: Building Secure and Reliable Systems08-04-2020
1170Apple Faceshield07-04-2020
724Coronavirus and Credibility06-04-2020
1081Ask HN: What are your favorite low-coding apps / tools as a developer?05-04-2020
496Startups are pummeled in the ‘great unwinding’04-04-2020
1248Zoom rolled their own encryption scheme, transmit keys through servers in China03-04-2020
1149How to manage HTML DOM with vanilla JavaScript only?02-04-2020
1518OBS Studio: Open-source software for video recording and live streaming01-04-2020
1922Honda bucks industry trend by removing touchscreen controls31-03-2020
821WireGuard 1.030-03-2020
699How to burn the most money with a single click in Azure29-03-2020
788New Grad vs. Senior Dev28-03-2020
1597Zoom needs to clean up its privacy act27-03-2020
1433Zoom iOS app sends data to Facebook even if you don’t have a Facebook account26-03-2020
963Private client-side-only PWAs are hard, but now Apple made them impossible25-03-2020
831Zig cc: A drop-in replacement for GCC/Clang24-03-2020
1083Ask HN: Who is hiring right now?23-03-2020
571Technical Writing Courses22-03-2020
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427MIT to no longer consider SAT subject tests in admissions decisions20-03-2020
953Netflix to cut streaming quality in Europe for 30 days19-03-2020
800Ask HN: Have you been laid off?18-03-2020
790TikTok told moderators to suppress posts by “ugly” people and the poor17-03-2020
1829NPM Is Joining GitHub16-03-2020
689Vienna Opera opened its archive for free streaming15-03-2020
1095Open letter from Italy to the international scientific community14-03-2020
757Linux Kernel Teaching13-03-2020
920U.S. will suspend all travel from Europe for 30 days12-03-2020
1243Covid-19 is now officially a pandemic, WHO says11-03-2020
1027MIT moves all classes online for the rest of the semester10-03-2020
825“Just walk out” technology by Amazon09-03-2020
516Do whatever you can't stop thinking about08-03-2020
577I have seen things07-03-2020
1158DuckDuckGo is good enough for regular use06-03-2020
901Using Anki to remember what you read05-03-2020
786Highest French court reclassifies Uber drivers as employees04-03-2020
1216SETI@home shuts down after 21 years03-03-2020
854Firefox is showing the way back to a world that’s private by default02-03-2020
547Ask HN: Good ways to capture institutional knowledge?01-03-2020
927A half-hour to learn Rust29-02-2020
1238Freeman Dyson Has Died28-02-2020
1160Let's Encrypt Has Issued a Billion Certificates27-02-2020
974Tailwind UI26-02-2020
1115Smithsonian Releases 2.8M Images into Public Domain25-02-2020
980“We found PayPal vulnerabilities and PayPal punished us for it”24-02-2020
1232Mathematics for the Adventurous Self-Learner23-02-2020
503Does memory leak? (1995)22-02-2020
934More bosses give four-day workweek a try21-02-2020
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734Python dicts are now ordered07-02-2020
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662Access to Wikipedia restored in Turkey after more than two and a half years26-01-2020
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1343"DigitalOcean Killed Our Company"31-05-2019
3287Switch from Chrome to Firefox30-05-2019
2093Google to restrict modern ad blocking Chrome extensions to enterprise users29-05-2019
652I can see your local web servers28-05-2019
657AMD Ryzen 3000 announced27-05-2019
534Scrum is fragile, not Agile26-05-2019
518Self-distancing can help you make better decisions25-05-2019
732The shittiest project I ever worked on (2013)24-05-2019
2082GitHub Sponsors23-05-2019
1370Playdate – A New Handheld Gaming System22-05-2019
892I don't know how CPUs work so I simulated one in code21-05-2019
1067DeleteFB: Selenium script to delete all of your Facebook wall posts20-05-2019
1189How to do hard things19-05-2019
720Virtual DOM is pure overhead (2018)18-05-2019
719The struggles of an open source maintainer17-05-2019
925Can we all stop using Medium now?16-05-2019
1148I Charged $18k for a Static HTML Page15-05-2019
989Going Critical14-05-2019
939WhatsApp voice calls were used to inject spyware on phones13-05-2019
784How I Run a Company with ADHD12-05-2019
751Adults learn language to fluency nearly as well as children: study11-05-2019
1181GitHub Package Registry10-05-2019
898We got banned from PayPal after 12 years of business09-05-2019
887HTTP headers for the responsible developer08-05-2019
1010Css-only-chat: A truly monstrous async web chat using no JS on the front end07-05-2019
1250Launch HN: Prometheus (YC W19) – Remove CO2 from Air and Turn It into Gasoline06-05-2019
950Canada Border Services seizes lawyer's phone, laptop for not sharing passwords05-05-2019
1318All extensions disabled due to expiration of intermediate signing cert04-05-2019
1084Common mistakes in PostgreSQL03-05-2019
714Self Studying the MIT Applied Math Curriculum02-05-2019
2195A Conspiracy to Kill IE601-05-2019
1451I made a smart watch from scratch30-04-2019
1046Ask HN: Are you put off building something because it already exists?29-04-2019
880Show HN: Lorem Picsum – Lorem Ipsum but for photos28-04-2019
1146Docker Hub Hacked – 190k accounts, GitHub tokens revoked, builds disabled27-04-2019
1931Google Is Eating Our Mail26-04-2019
650Inflammation might be the root of preventable disease24-04-2019
3015I Sell Onions on the Internet23-04-2019
2292Otonomo, with nearly $55M in funding, is cloning our product22-04-2019
1134Ask HN: What is your money-making side project outside programming?21-04-2019
1928Joe Armstrong has died20-04-2019
752Ask HN: One-person SaaS apps that are profitable?19-04-2019
621Mozilla WebThings18-04-2019
1036Post-surgical deaths in Scotland drop by a third, attributed to a checklist17-04-2019
752Microsimulation of Traffic Flow16-04-2019
989Notre-Dame cathedral: Firefighters tackle blaze in Paris15-04-2019
596Want to learn a new skill? Take some short breaks14-04-2019
538South Korea now recycles 95% of its food waste13-04-2019
620Great developers are raised, not hired12-04-2019
2369Julian Assange arrested in London11-04-2019
2164Unveiling the first-ever image of a black hole [video]10-04-2019
1034Congress Is About to Ban the US Government from Offering Free Online Tax Filing09-04-2019
1310Public Sans – A strong, neutral typeface for text or display08-04-2019
729I Lied When I Said We Did Everything We Could07-04-2019
712Nuclear power is the fastest way to slash greenhouse gas emissions, decarbonize06-04-2019
1340CityBound – An open source city simulation game in Rust05-04-2019
1623You Are Not Google (2017)04-04-2019
594Ex-Mozilla CTO: I was grilled for three hours at US airport by border cops03-04-2019
1920I tried creating a web browser, and Google blocked me02-04-2019
1211Warp – Mobile VPN01-04-2019
939Productivity Is About Attention Management31-03-2019
612Bezos Investigation Says the Saudis Obtained His Private Data30-03-2019
637Apple Cancels AirPower Product29-03-2019
948Why Bother with What Three Words?28-03-2019
890Facebook to ban white nationalist content27-03-2019
1829A guide to difficult conversations26-03-2019
713Twitter forces all new users to enter a valid phone number25-03-2019
920Mathigon – an interactive, personalized mathematics textbook24-03-2019
442“Every minute I spent thinking about competitors was a minute wasted”23-03-2019
586Bitcoin ETF research finds that 95% of Bitcoin volume is fake22-03-2019
1252Facebook Stored Hundreds of Millions of User Passwords in Plain Text for Years21-03-2019
618Scientists rise up against statistical significance20-03-2019
809Firefox 66.0 Aims to Reduce Online Annoyances19-03-2019
871Atta Elayyan, Developer of MetroTube and LazyWorm Apps, Killed in Christchurch18-03-2019
1005Thinkpad X21017-03-2019
510Show HN: A browser extension which blocks chat/helpdesk widgets16-03-2019
763Germany to make it a crime to run a Tor node or website15-03-2019
2690Show HN: A retro video game console I've been working on in my free time14-03-2019
1903Spotify to Apple: Time to Play Fair13-03-2019
2031Firefox Send: Free encrypted file transfer service12-03-2019
1057Nginx to Be Acquired by F5 Networks11-03-2019
531Hackers ransack Citrix, make off with 6TB+ of emails, biz docs, secrets10-03-2019
490Gotify – a self-hosted push-notifications service09-03-2019
733Elizabeth Warren Proposes Breaking Up Tech Giants Like Amazon08-03-2019
501800M Email Addresses Leaked Online by Email Verification Service07-03-2019
1293U.S. users are leaving Facebook by the millions, Edison Research says06-03-2019
1283Ghidra, NSA's reverse-engineering tool05-03-2019
614Google Moves to Address Wage Equity, and Finds It’s Underpaying Many Men04-03-2019
771The password “ji32k7au4a83” has been seen over a hundred times03-03-2019
583Teen Becomes First Hacker to Earn $1M Through Bug Bounties02-03-2019
536Lyft Files S-101-03-2019
1743UC terminates subscriptions with Elsevier in push for open access28-02-2019
1269Immersive Linear Algebra (2016)27-02-2019
562The most popular docker images each contain at least 30 vulnerabilities26-02-2019
606My Twitch Live Coding Setup25-02-2019
528How Discord Scaled Elixir to 5M Concurrent Users (2017)24-02-2019
456Cleave.js – Format input text content when you are typing23-02-2019
739A Heavily-Commented Linux Kernel Source Code [pdf]22-02-2019
1308Some Details of My Personal Infrastructure21-02-2019
1426U.S. Supreme Court Puts Limits on Police Power to Seize Private Property20-02-2019
1012Leukemia Has Won19-02-2019
873I took 50k images of the night sky to make an 81 Megapixel image of the moon18-02-2019
874Flightradar24 – how it works17-02-2019
584Making My Own USB Keyboard from Scratch16-02-2019
1124Don’t Get Clever with Login Forms15-02-2019
1066Amazon Pulls Out of Planned New York City Campus14-02-2019
1002Why can’t a bot tick the 'I'm not a robot' box?13-02-2019
872This person does not exist12-02-2019
594Google Docs gets an API for task automation11-02-2019
893On Being a Principal Engineer10-02-2019
1668Google terminated our business via our Google Play Developer Account09-02-2019
799Spotify will now suspend or terminate accounts it finds are using ad blockers08-02-2019
2444No Thank You, Mr. Pecker07-02-2019
668What Happened to the 100000 Hour LED Bulbs?06-02-2019
2009Ask HN: What books changed the way you think about almost everything?05-02-2019
1415Firefox 66 to block automatically playing audible video and audio04-02-2019
485Event Sourcing is Hard03-02-2019
1146Dotfile madness02-02-2019
953New study: Google manipulates users into constant tracking01-02-2019
882Apple blocks Google from running its internal iOS apps31-01-2019
1516Why isn't the internet more fun and weird?30-01-2019
1454Facebook has been paying people to install a “Research” VPN29-01-2019
1534FaceTime bug lets you hear audio of person you are calling before they pick up28-01-2019
854KABOOM in 180 lines of bare C++27-01-2019
586When a Bike Company Put a TV on Its Box, Shipping Damages Went Down (2017)26-01-2019
894How to Be Successful24-01-2019
1158Why are glasses so expensive? The eyewear industry prefers to keep that blurry23-01-2019
1527Google proposes changes to Chromium which would disable uBlock Origin22-01-2019
712Programming Fonts – Test Drive21-01-2019
973When hiring senior engineers, you’re not buying, you’re selling20-01-2019
429B612 is a highly legible open source font to be used on aircraft cockpit screens19-01-2019
1012I interviewed at six top companies in Silicon Valley in six days18-01-2019
716Mastercard will stop free trials from automatically billing once they're over17-01-2019
1084John C. Bogle Has Died16-01-2019
961DuckDuckGo will use Apple Maps15-01-2019
970Notion – All-in-one workspace for notes, tasks, wikis, and databases14-01-2019
949GoDaddy injecting JavaScript into websites and how to stop it13-01-2019
613SpaceX to lay off 10% of Workforce12-01-2019
733I Can No Longer Recommend Google Fi11-01-2019
647How I Built a $5K a Month Side Project10-01-2019
1079Show HN: I taught my little brother JS, and he made this videogame in a week09-01-2019
773Sears has another chance to avoid closing down08-01-2019
2867Announcing unlimited free private repos07-01-2019
985Ask HN: How did you decide what problems to solve in your lifetime?06-01-2019
622Taxpayers Should Never Subsidize Stadiums05-01-2019
1620Start with a Website, Not a Mobile App04-01-2019
1040China lands Chang'e-4 on far side of Moon03-01-2019
1463Algorithms, by Jeff Erickson02-01-2019
727Mickey Mouse and Batman will soon be public domain01-01-2019
594Netflix stops paying the ‘Apple tax’ on its $853M in annual iOS revenue31-12-2018
681Ask HN: Which tool do you use to create beautiful diagrams?30-12-2018
664Inter UI, a typeface designed for user interfaces29-12-2018
753Things I Don’t Know as of 201828-12-2018
1552Please do not attempt to simplify this code27-12-2018
478New Office Hours Aim for Well Rested, More Productive Workers26-12-2018
510My one-liner Linux Dropbox client24-12-2018
1130Congress votes to make open government data the default in the United States23-12-2018
710Ask HN: Best talks of 2018?22-12-2018
536Changes to U.S. federal authorities relating to production and marketing of hemp21-12-2018
902Slack closes account of an Iranian user living in Canada20-12-2018
1562Bye Bye Mongo, Hello Postgres19-12-2018
952Glitter bomb tricks parcel thieves18-12-2018
1323Sandspiel – A falling sand game built in Rust and WebGL17-12-2018
467My Dad's Friendship with Charles Barkley16-12-2018
465Serverless Computing: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back15-12-2018
938Introduction to Applied Linear Algebra: Vectors, Matrices, and Least Squares14-12-2018
972Robinhood launches 3% checking account13-12-2018
1065Google transferred ownership of Duck.com to DuckDuckGo12-12-2018
954Firefox 64 Released11-12-2018
500Why Not to Use Quora10-12-2018
1012JIRA is an antipattern09-12-2018
478Ask HN: Which abandoned proprietary software would you resurrect?08-12-2018
877Facial recognition: It’s time for action07-12-2018
1178Goodbye, EdgeHTML06-12-2018
1081Canada has arrested Huawei’s global chief financial officer in Vancouver05-12-2018
1254Quora User Data Compromised04-12-2018
1322Ask HN: What are your “brain hacks” that help you manage everyday situations?03-12-2018
574I quit Instagram and Facebook and it made me happier02-12-2018
937A Programmer's Introduction to Mathematics01-12-2018
1798Google Tried to Patent My Work After a Job Interview30-11-2018
816Go 2, here we come29-11-2018
569Magnus Carlsen Beats Fabiano Caruana to Win World Chess Championship28-11-2018
1652We are Google employees – Google must drop Dragonfly27-11-2018
1034Backdoor in event-stream library dependency26-11-2018
684Dive – A tool for exploring each layer in a Docker image25-11-2018
697Time to break academic publishing's stranglehold on research24-11-2018
570Every 7.8μs your computer’s memory has a hiccup23-11-2018
950Thank you to dang and sctb22-11-2018
662Silent and Simple Ion Engine Powers a Plane with No Moving Parts21-11-2018
479The Second Half of Watergate Was Bigger, Worse, and Forgotten by the Public20-11-2018
855If you want to understand Silicon Valley, watch Silicon Valley19-11-2018
446AMD Discloses Initial Zen 2 Details18-11-2018
1147Story of a failed pentest17-11-2018
834International System of Units overhauled in historic vote16-11-2018
892Sr.ht, the hacker's forge, now open for public alpha15-11-2018
529Private by Design: How We Built Firefox Sync14-11-2018
909Medium is a poor choice for blogging13-11-2018
699Web.dev by Google12-11-2018
779Google Kubernetes Engine's third consecutive day of service disruption11-11-2018
705Building your color palette10-11-2018
723Romania orders investigative journalists to disclose sources under GDPR09-11-2018
565Tell HN: Amazon now owns
568The Illustrated TLS 1.3 Connection: Every Byte Explained07-11-2018
607Show HN: TabNine, an autocompleter for all languages06-11-2018
534As women have more equal opportunity, the more their preferences differ from men05-11-2018
791An error message, still found in Windows 10, is a mistake from 197404-11-2018
455Swedish ISP Protests ‘Site Blocking’ by Blocking Rightsholders Website Too03-11-2018
684Thelio – System7602-11-2018
1250Apple's New Map01-11-2018
832Compare career levels across companies31-10-2018
1289iPhones are allergic to helium30-10-2018
1213Facebook exodus: Nearly half of young users have deleted the app29-10-2018
2611IBM acquires Red Hat28-10-2018
768Hubble is back27-10-2018
569Generating custom photo-realistic faces using AI26-10-2018
1064Copyright Office Ruling Imposes Sweeping Right to Repair Reforms25-10-2018
714Nobody knows how to cite 4chan mathematicians who solved an interesting problem24-10-2018
1187Carbon Removal Technologies23-10-2018
976iPhones are hard to use22-10-2018
500Who Are My Investors?21-10-2018
598Fake review factories that run on Facebook and post five-star Amazon reviews20-10-2018
847Japan's Hometown Tax19-10-2018
1753Paper Airplane Designs18-10-2018
846Helm: Personal Email Server17-10-2018
964What I loved about Paul Allen16-10-2018
2901Paul Allen has died15-10-2018
746Dear Spotify, please let me unlink my Facebook account14-10-2018
571Teach Yourself to Echolocate: A beginner’s guide to navigating with sound13-10-2018
1185Every Byte of a TLS Connection Explained and Reproduced12-10-2018
830Astronauts escape malfunctioning Soyuz rocket11-10-2018
809Microsoft Joins the Open Invention Network10-10-2018
1165How to Get Things Done When You Don't Feel Like It09-10-2018
1613Shutting Down Google+ for Consumers08-10-2018
482InVision has no physical headquarters and all 700 employees work remotely07-10-2018
621An artwork by Banksy shredded itself after selling for $1.3M at Sotheby’s06-10-2018
707Making sense of the alleged Supermicro motherboard attack05-10-2018
2493The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate Amazon and Apple04-10-2018
603Do You Really Know CORS?03-10-2018
991Coders Automating Their Own Job02-10-2018
689More than 9M broken links on Wikipedia are now rescued01-10-2018
1145DuckDuckGo Traffic29-09-2018
1677Facebook Network Breach Impacts Up to 50M Users28-09-2018
1359Facebook Is Giving Advertisers Access To Your Shadow Contact Information27-09-2018
849Mmm, Pi-hole26-09-2018
2364Chrome 69 will keep Google Cookies when you tell it to delete all cookies25-09-2018
867Ask HN: Best alternative to Gmail?24-09-2018
2357Why I’m done with Chrome23-09-2018
621Hayabusa2 Now22-09-2018
541Google Suppresses Memo Revealing Plans to Closely Track Search Users in China21-09-2018
935Show HN: Sublime Merge – A Git client from the makers of Sublime Text20-09-2018
968Show HN: I made a privacy-first minimalist Google Analytics19-09-2018
1240Life in the Spanish city that banned cars18-09-2018
1367EU to stop changing the clocks in 201917-09-2018
2585Linus Torvalds apologizes for his behavior, takes time off16-09-2018
660Show HN: Lunar lander-type game with computational fluid dynamics15-09-2018
717Apple's best product is now privacy14-09-2018
798SETI spots dozens of new mysterious signals emanating from distant galaxy13-09-2018
1737EU approves internet copyright law, including ‘link tax’ and ‘upload filter’12-09-2018
944Amazon is stuffing its search results pages with ads11-09-2018
649How Discord Handles Two and Half Million Concurrent Voice Users Using WebRTC10-09-2018
347First-party isolation in Firefox: what breaks if you enable it?09-09-2018
934A year later, Equifax has faced little fallout from losing data08-09-2018
677Popular iPhone apps caught sending user location data to monetization firms07-09-2018
1572Chrome 69: “www.” subdomain missing from URL06-09-2018
1035Google Dataset Search05-09-2018
700Show HN: Select Star SQL, an interactive SQL book04-09-2018
829A military technique for falling asleep in two minutes03-09-2018
569An Intensive Introduction to Cryptography02-09-2018
434How to teach yourself hard things01-09-2018
602EU to recommend that member states abolish daylight saving time31-08-2018
964Bullshit Jobs30-08-2018
1072Show HN: I'm 12, learning JS, and wrote Wolfram's cellular automaton in Node29-08-2018
909Go 2 Draft Designs28-08-2018
636Anki: Memorization with Spaced Learning26-08-2018
353The Future of Notebooks: Lessons from JupyterCon25-08-2018
948Former Tesla Firmware Engineer Discusses the System24-08-2018
1318Intel Publishes Microcode Patches, No Benchmarking or Comparison Allowed23-08-2018
819Valve Rolls Out Wine-Based “Proton” for Running Windows Games on Linux22-08-2018
675Twenty-two states ask appeals court to bring back net neutrality21-08-2018
1620Docker cannot be downloaded without logging into Docker Store20-08-2018
696Don’t Do This in Production19-08-2018
814My dad’s resume and skills from 198018-08-2018
878Why Do Keynote Speakers Keep Suggesting That Improving Security Is Possible?17-08-2018
931NYU Makes Tuition Free for All Medical Students16-08-2018
779Markov Chains Explained Visually (2014)15-08-2018
595Serverless Docker Beta14-08-2018
769Using FOIA Data and Unix to halve major source of parking tickets13-08-2018
1370Thank you HN12-08-2018
301Worst Computer Bugs in History: Therac-25 (2017)11-08-2018
6501/0 = 010-08-2018
915Julia 1.009-08-2018
948Google AMP – A 70% drop in our conversion rate08-08-2018
740To Remember Everything You Learn, Surrender to This Algorithm (2008)07-08-2018
1532Let's Encrypt Root Trusted by All Major Root Programs06-08-2018
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5924D toys04-08-2018
785Learning from Terminals to Design the Future of User Interfaces03-08-2018
677You don’t need standups02-08-2018
695Learning Math for Machine Learning01-08-2018
1056Amazon Dark Patterns31-07-2018
761Why I Ripped the Same CD 300 Times30-07-2018
638How an Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald’s Monopoly Game and Stole Millions29-07-2018
711Melatonin: Much More Than You Wanted to Know28-07-2018
438Zulip – Open-source, threading-based Slack alternative27-07-2018
1006Slack Is Buying HipChat from Atlassian26-07-2018
1104Liquid water 'lake' revealed on Mars25-07-2018
534Electronic Circuit Simulator in the Browser24-07-2018
775Google: Security Keys Neutralized Employee Phishing23-07-2018
633Intel patches new ME vulnerabilities22-07-2018
502How to beat LinkedIn: The Game21-07-2018
717The Wrong Abstraction (2016)20-07-2018
1747Farewell, Google Maps19-07-2018
921European Commission fines Google €4.34B in Android antitrust case18-07-2018
672Assembly Language for Beginners [pdf]17-07-2018
646Prime Down: Amazon’s sale day turns into fail day16-07-2018
388Async and Await in Rust: a full proposal15-07-2018
561The hotel bathroom puzzle14-07-2018
1273Learn how to design large-scale systems13-07-2018
2024“I'm basically giving myself a permanent vacation from being BDFL”12-07-2018
579The San Franciso Fire Department makes its own wooden ladders by hand11-07-2018
1277Goodbye Microservices: From 100s of problem children to 1 superstar10-07-2018
967Show HN: Browsh – A modern, text-based browser09-07-2018
458China Begins Production Of x86 Processors Based On AMD's IP08-07-2018
730Guidelines for Brutalist Web Design07-07-2018
452Ask HN: What are your favorite statistics and probability textbooks?06-07-2018
1847EU copyright law proposal rejected05-07-2018
581Youtube-dl: Command-line program to download videos04-07-2018
1207Founder to CEO: How to build a great company from the ground up03-07-2018
699My home lab setup for highly-available Internet02-07-2018
670How to get kids to pay attention01-07-2018
895Why you should not use Google Cloud30-06-2018
718Apple is rebuilding Maps from the ground up29-06-2018
1183Apple Engineers Its Own Downfall with the Macbook Pro Keyboard28-06-2018
731Norwegian Consumer Council report on how tech companies use dark patterns [pdf]27-06-2018
812Mumbai bans plastic bags, bottles, and single-use plastic containers26-06-2018
1104Why nobody ever wins the car at the mall25-06-2018
897Ask HN: What are the things that you have automated in your personal life?24-06-2018
515Teens Who Hacked Microsoft's Xbox Empire and Went Too Far23-06-2018
1422Twitter ‘smytes’ customers22-06-2018
1558Firefox is back. It's time to give it a try21-06-2018
822Canada legalises recreational cannabis use20-06-2018
1473Blender is testing PeerTube after YouTube blocks their videos worldwide19-06-2018
1129YouTube’s Piracy Filter Blocks MIT Courses, Blender Videos, and More18-06-2018
520Forgotten Employee (2002)17-06-2018
429No Copyright Law: The Real Reason for Germany’s Industrial Expansion? (2010)16-06-2018
776GitLab Web IDE15-06-2018
976Earliest images of the moon were better than people realised14-06-2018
574Bitcoin’s Price Was Artificially Inflated Last Year, Researchers Say13-06-2018
405Hair Ice12-06-2018
1139Ask HN: Pros and cons of working at a startup in 2018?11-06-2018
1169Alternatives to Google Products10-06-2018
601Why does a spray bottle work?09-06-2018
720Chatbots were the next big thing: what happened?08-06-2018
644AI at Google: our principles07-06-2018
994Things I Regret About Node.js [video]06-06-2018
1631How to be a Manager – A step-by-step guide to leading a team05-06-2018
1498Hello, GitHub04-06-2018
2873Microsoft Is Said to Have Agreed to Acquire GitHub03-06-2018
709MIT 9.11: The Human Brain (Spring 2018)02-06-2018
757Mozilla Project Fusion: Tor Integration into Firefox01-06-2018
640Gnome has moved to GitLab31-05-2018
1361Reddit just passed Facebook as #3 most popular website in US30-05-2018
805Thousands of AI researchers are boycotting the new Nature journal29-05-2018
587I put all my personal data on eBay28-05-2018
469Python’s For - Else27-05-2018
1331The Importance of Deep Work and the 30-Hour Method for Learning a New Skill26-05-2018
755GDPR for lazy people: Block all European users with Cloudflare Workers25-05-2018
1314Amazon device recorded private conversation, sent it out to random contact24-05-2018
973Bitcoin Gold Hit by Double Spend Attack, Exchanges Lose Millions23-05-2018
563I became CEO at 20. Here's what I learned22-05-2018
70982-Year-Old Japanese Woman Finds Success in Coding21-05-2018
502Sci Hub repository torrents of scientific papers20-05-2018
748A Wikipedia editor's long-running campaign19-05-2018
1493The Stuxnet worm may be the most sophisticated software ever written18-05-2018
1209LocationSmart Leaked Location Data for All Major U.S. Carriers in Real Time17-05-2018
1630US cell carriers are selling access to real-time phone location data16-05-2018
1087Completely Silent Computer15-05-2018
1075John Carmack: My Steve Jobs Stories14-05-2018
892Safe ways to do things in bash13-05-2018
507Build your own X: project-based programming tutorials12-05-2018
1304Google YOLO clickjacking11-05-2018
915Seaweed in Cow Feed Reduces Methane Emissions Almost Entirely10-05-2018
471What’s the waiter doing with the computer screen? (2012)09-05-2018
1875Google Duplex: An AI System for Accomplishing Real World Tasks Over the Phone08-05-2018
2074Conversations with a six-year-old on functional programming07-05-2018
745Subscription Hell06-05-2018
394“Manager READMEs” from some tech companies05-05-2018
910Please Stop Using Adblock (But Not Why You Think)04-05-2018
661Twitter urges users to change passwords after computer 'glitch'03-05-2018
999AT&T updates firmware to block access to
1224Amazon threatens to suspend Signal's AWS account over censorship circumvention01-05-2018
904IBM is not doing "cognitive computing" with Watson (2016)30-04-2018
751“Lifefaker.com makes faking perfection easy”29-04-2018
619Make your own sourdough28-04-2018
1022EU agrees on total ban of bee-harming pesticides27-04-2018
738Matrix and Riot Confirmed as the Basis for France’s Secure Instant Messenger App26-04-2018
1015Medicare will require hospitals to post prices online25-04-2018
1048Hijack of Amazon’s domain service used to reroute web traffic for two hours24-04-2018
687Now Is the Perfect Time for an RSS Renaissance23-04-2018
1075You probably don't need AI/ML. You can make do with well written SQL scripts22-04-2018
614A journalism student who found out she won a Pulitzer in class21-04-2018
720Smugmug Acquires Flickr20-04-2018
2136Apple open-sources FoundationDB19-04-2018
601No boundaries for Facebook data: third-party trackers abuse Facebook Login18-04-2018
1274Facebook Container for Firefox17-04-2018
793Teenager facing prison for downloading unsecured files from government website16-04-2018
631H&R Block and Intuit Lobbying Against Simpler Tax Filing (2017)15-04-2018
701Ask HN: What is your favourite tech talk?14-04-2018
642Google loses ‘right to be forgotten’ case13-04-2018
874Non-profit’s $300 hepatitis C cure as effective as $84k alternative12-04-2018
784Fuchsia is not Linux11-04-2018
909AV1: A new general-purpose video codec09-04-2018
607Publishers Haven't Realized How Big a Deal GDPR Is08-04-2018
1023The dots do matter: how to scam a Gmail user07-04-2018
1681Ask HN: How to self-learn electronics?06-04-2018
801Berkeley offers its data science course online for free05-04-2018
1368Google Workers Urge C.E.O. To Pull Out of Pentagon A.I. Project04-04-2018
1665Ask HN: What are the best MOOCs you've taken?03-04-2018
1302Apple Plans to Use Its Own Chips in Macs from 2020, Replacing Intel02-04-2018
18951.1.1.1: Fast, privacy-first consumer DNS service01-04-2018
1501It's time to head back to RSS?31-03-2018
910Poor Grades Tied to Class Times That Don’t Match Our Biological Clocks30-03-2018
691FCC Authorizes SpaceX to Provide Broadband Satellite Services29-03-2018
898Au Revoir28-03-2018
854Facebook Container Extension: Take control of how you’re being tracked27-03-2018
682Avoid Else, Return Early (2013)26-03-2018
800Facebook scraped call, text message data for years from Android phones25-03-2018
1149Fred's ImageMagick Scripts24-03-2018
1543Congrats Dropbox23-03-2018
706Users Abandon Facebook After Cambridge Analytica Findings22-03-2018
1108Tempe Police Release Video of Uber Accident21-03-2018
1349Blocklist Facebook domains20-03-2018
2361Self-driving Uber car kills Arizona woman crossing street19-03-2018
1155“Pinterest needs to be removed from Google IMO”18-03-2018
571Repair cafés waging war on throwaway culture17-03-2018
827China to bar people with bad 'social credit' from planes, trains16-03-2018
681EU wants to require platforms to filter uploaded content, including code15-03-2018
6015Stephen Hawking has died14-03-2018
1024ACME v2 and Wildcard Certificate Support is Live13-03-2018
1087Show HN: RoughJS – Create hand-drawn graphics using JavaScript12-03-2018
618Ask HN: How to self-learn math?11-03-2018
796Round Peg in a Square Hole [video]10-03-2018
792A Career Cold Start Algorithm09-03-2018
1397Two Photographers Unknowingly Shot the Same Millisecond in Time08-03-2018
1148Tell HN: Slack decides to close down IRC and XMPP gateways07-03-2018
509Coinbase Index Fund06-03-2018
1034Facebook’s tracking of non-users ruled illegal again in Europe05-03-2018
465How Airlines don’t care about privacy: Case Study Emirates.com04-03-2018
922Project Gutenberg blocks access from Germany03-03-2018
867Show HN: My embarrassing personal website from the 90s02-03-2018
1926Machine Learning Crash Course01-03-2018
1767Why I Quit Google to Work for Myself28-02-2018
655Pricing low-touch SaaS27-02-2018
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777How poverty changes your mindset25-02-2018
468Learn Physics by Programming in Haskell24-02-2018
864Show HN: Hacker News Classics23-02-2018
803Hacker News's Undocumented Features and Behaviors22-02-2018
1314Signal Foundation21-02-2018
958JupyterLab is ready for users20-02-2018
1095Ask HN: What has HN given you?19-02-2018
412Asciinema 2.018-02-2018
396MacOS may lose data on APFS-formatted disk images17-02-2018
1062OpenStreetMap Is in Trouble16-02-2018
658Google removes ‘view image’ button from search results15-02-2018
1248Email is your electronic memory14-02-2018
803Who Killed the Junior Developer?13-02-2018
900Let’s talk about usernames12-02-2018
461Slack is the opposite of organizational memory11-02-2018
803How did Google Talk change from a dream to a nightmare?10-02-2018
827VLC 3.0 release09-02-2018
806Chrome 68 will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure”08-02-2018
1485John Perry Barlow has died07-02-2018
2968SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy successfully launches06-02-2018
762Modern CSS Explained05-02-2018
45050 Years of Art Books from the Met, for Free Download04-02-2018
423How Google Chrome’s ad blocker works03-02-2018
455John Hennessy named chairman of Alphabet/Google02-02-2018
942Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice01-02-2018
654Show HN: Observable Notebooks31-01-2018
1070Amazon, Berkshire, JPMorgan to Create Healthcare Company30-01-2018
757Microsoft disables Spectre mitigations as Intel’s patches cause instability29-01-2018
695Strava heatmap can be used to locate military bases28-01-2018
432The Follower Factory27-01-2018
826NASA’s IMAGE satellite, lost since 2005, is alive26-01-2018
754Waze Carpool25-01-2018
726Curry spice turmeric boosts memory by nearly 30%, eases depression, study finds24-01-2018
1125Ursula Le Guin has died23-01-2018
1854Linus Torvalds: “Somebody is pushing complete garbage for unclear reasons.”22-01-2018
993The Death of Microservice Madness in 201821-01-2018
780Intel Has a Big Problem20-01-2018
804LuLu: An open-source macOS firewall that blocks unknown outgoing connections19-01-2018
906JS Paint – A web-based MS Paint remake18-01-2018
912Firefox’s new streaming and tiering compiler17-01-2018
1360Mozilla Files Suit Against FCC to Protect Net Neutrality16-01-2018
1377Google Memory Loss15-01-2018
492CES Was Full of Useless Robots and Machines That Don’t Work14-01-2018
1009Aaron, 5 years later13-01-2018
967An Experimental Course on Operating Systems12-01-2018
794Signal partners with Microsoft to bring end-to-end encryption to Skype11-01-2018
689Courts: Violating a Website’s Terms of Service Is Not a Crime10-01-2018
866A letter about Google AMP09-01-2018
759The growing body of evidence that digital distraction is damaging our minds08-01-2018
472Why Am I So Lazy?07-01-2018
781Things I Wish I'd Known About Bash06-01-2018
1603Why Raspberry Pi Isn't Vulnerable to Spectre or Meltdown05-01-2018
551Texttop – An interactive X Linux desktop rendered in TTY and streamable over SSH04-01-2018
2334Reading privileged memory with a side-channel03-01-2018
640Linux page table isolation is not needed on AMD processors02-01-2018
988The mysterious case of the Linux Page Table Isolation patches01-01-2018
497IOHIDeous OS X Local Kernel Vulnerability31-12-2017
738Spamnesty – A Bot to waste spammers' time30-12-2017
574Call of Duty gaming community points to ‘swatting’ in Wichita police shooting29-12-2017
1176A Message to Our Customers about iPhone Batteries and Performance28-12-2017
543How to hack a turned-off computer, or running unsigned code in Intel ME [pdf]27-12-2017
504Remove my password from lists so hackers won't be able to hack me26-12-2017
500Yew: Rust framework for making React-like client web apps25-12-2017
624I Got Paid $0 from the Uber Security Bug Bounty24-12-2017
780How I went from programming to consulting (2012)23-12-2017
758Kids in ‘Netflix Only’ Homes Saved from 230 Hours of Commercials a Year22-12-2017
807Chrome is Not the Standard21-12-2017
1186Dozens of Companies Are Using Facebook to Exclude Older Workers From Job Ads20-12-2017
1960Google Maps' Moat19-12-2017
1209Oh shit, git: Getting myself out of bad situations18-12-2017
701Neighbor's house alarm triggers when I put my car in reverse17-12-2017
2023Firefox is on a slippery slope16-12-2017
757Unknown Mozilla dev addon "Looking Glass 1.0.3" on browser15-12-2017
3384F.C.C. Repeals Net Neutrality Rules14-12-2017
1195We’re sorry, and we’re not rolling out the fees change13-12-2017
811Statement on Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings12-12-2017
795Exercism – Level up your programming skills11-12-2017
1535Show HN: Airmash – Multiplayer Missile Warfare HTML5 Game10-12-2017
660Larry Ellison allegedly tried to have a professor fired for benchmarking Oracle09-12-2017
518Oregon punished an engineer for criticizing red-light cameras. He fought and won08-12-2017
756The Big Vitamin D Mistake07-12-2017
675Steam is no longer supporting Bitcoin06-12-2017
1126AMA: NY AG Schneiderman on net neutrality and protecting our voice in government05-12-2017
556Apple is sharing your facial wireframe with apps04-12-2017
484How Stripe Designs Websites03-12-2017
635Django 2.0 released02-12-2017
854Things Many People Find Too Obvious to Have Told You Already01-12-2017
782Deep image prior 'learns' on just one image30-11-2017
830Hello, world: this is WikiTribune29-11-2017
3001macOS High Sierra: Anyone can login as “root” with empty password28-11-2017
1089Stanford CS007: Personal Finance For Engineers27-11-2017
571Facebook Is the Junk Food of Socializing (2015)26-11-2017
856My unusual hobby25-11-2017
793Terrain rendering in fewer than 20 lines of code24-11-2017
966I'm on the FCC. Please stop us from killing net neutrality23-11-2017
1269Join the Battle for Net Neutrality22-11-2017
1720Uber Paid Hackers to Delete Stolen Data on 57M People21-11-2017
1466Modern Media Is a DoS Attack on Free Will20-11-2017
441Qubes OS: A reasonably secure operating system19-11-2017
408Matrix Calculus18-11-2017
1261Tesla Roadster17-11-2017
697Security alerts on GitHub16-11-2017
873Code together in real time with Teletype for Atom15-11-2017
1692Firefox 57.0 Released14-11-2017
2180How Firefox Got Fast Again13-11-2017
346Confession as an AI researcher; seeking advice12-11-2017
640RSS: there's nothing better11-11-2017
760“We have obtained fully functional JTAG for Intel CSME via USB DCI”10-11-2017
603Sean Parker unloads on Facebook “exploiting” human psychology09-11-2017
1200Paradise Papers: Dear Tim Cook08-11-2017
1120Waymo now testing its self-driving cars on public roads with no one at the wheel07-11-2017
1187Chrome breaks the Web06-11-2017
895Does anyone remember websites?05-11-2017
845Freelancer.com has ruined my life04-11-2017
504LineageOS for microG – Access Google services without closed software03-11-2017
1307Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web02-11-2017
624Ask HN: Who is hiring? (November 2017)01-11-2017
910We only hire the best means we only hire the trendiest (2016)31-10-2017
969Do you need a VPN?30-10-2017
368Replacing exploit-ridden firmware with a Linux kernel [pdf]29-10-2017
378Orchid: a new surveillance-free layer on top of the existing Internet28-10-2017
878The New York Times Is Now Available as a Tor Onion Service27-10-2017
625“Startup” asks internship applicant to build their app before phone screen26-10-2017
866Why We Must Fight for the Right to Repair Our Electronics25-10-2017
886Try quickly typing 1+ 2 + 3 into the iOS 11 Calculator24-10-2017
721Show HN: Arxiv Vanity – Read academic papers from Arxiv as responsive web pages23-10-2017
418After the end of the startup era22-10-2017
552Home Assistant is an open-source home automation platform running on Python 321-10-2017
697Iceland's attempts to replant its forests20-10-2017
1239DevDocs API Documentation19-10-2017
1210Documenting the Web together18-10-2017
673Show HN: Metaballs17-10-2017
1371Key Reinstallation Attacks – Breaking WPA2 by Forcing Nonce Reuse16-10-2017
1273US telcos appear to be selling non-anonymized access to consumer telephone data15-10-2017
635The impossible dream of USB-C14-10-2017
578Steve Wozniak announces tech education platform Woz U13-10-2017
644Rejecting a candidate for over-qualification results in age bias12-10-2017
856Firefox Send: Private, Encrypted File Sharing11-10-2017
867iOS Privacy: Easily get a user's Apple ID password, just by asking10-10-2017
828Tracking friends and strangers using WhatsApp09-10-2017
598Designing Data-Intensive Applications08-10-2017
878'Our minds can be hijacked': tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia07-10-2017
1024PostgreSQL 10 Released05-10-2017
1427Keybase launches encrypted Git04-10-2017
1096Guacamole – A clientless remote desktop gateway03-10-2017
678Ask HN: Who is hiring? (October 2017)02-10-2017
418Hacker News Clone Using GraphQL and React01-10-2017
467HTTP is obsolete. It's time for the Distributed Web (2015)30-09-2017
1674It’s time to give Firefox another chance29-09-2017
928A “right to repair” movement tools up28-09-2017
583Dumb Things Camera Companies are Still Doing27-09-2017
914React 1626-09-2017
1174China Blocks WhatsApp25-09-2017
918Scenic Tram Simulator24-09-2017
1003It’s time to kill the web app23-09-2017
2280Relicensing React, Jest, Flow, and Immutable.js22-09-2017
962New in PostgreSQL 1021-09-2017
1140DuckDuckGo vs Google20-09-2017
687Top medical experts say we should decriminalize all drugs (2016)19-09-2017
2735W3C abandons consensus, standardizes DRM, EFF resigns18-09-2017
786Buffett wins $1M decade-old bet that the S&P500 would outperform hedgefunds17-09-2017
626We've failed: open access is winning and we must change our approach16-09-2017
850Firefox Multi-Account Containers15-09-2017
645Spain Fines Facebook Over Tracking Users Without Consent14-09-2017
1653Sublime Text 3.013-09-2017
995iPhone X12-09-2017
1111Facebook, You Needy Sonofabitch11-09-2017
1017Text-only CNN10-09-2017
1088Identity Theft, Credit Reports, and You09-09-2017
1345Equifax Faces Multibillion-Dollar Lawsuit Over Hack08-09-2017
1107Delta Goes Big, Then Goes Home07-09-2017
1091Facebook recruiting and Unix systems06-09-2017
768Demon-Haunted World05-09-2017
739“Google: it is time to return to not being evil”04-09-2017
753“Oracle laid off all Solaris tech staff in a classic silent EOL of the product”03-09-2017
692Ask HN: What books have made the biggest impact on your mental models?02-09-2017
961Insane state of today's advertising part 301-09-2017
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1480A camera that snaps a GIF and ejects a cartridge that displays it30-08-2017
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734Disabling Intel ME 11 via undocumented mode28-08-2017
575Doomsday planning for less crazy folk27-08-2017
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848“Learning How to Learn,” the most popular course on Coursera24-08-2017
601Disconnect. Offline only23-08-2017
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778Android Oreo21-08-2017
656Ideal OS: Rebooting the Desktop Operating System20-08-2017
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818Essential Phone, available now17-08-2017
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791I’m an Ex-Google Woman Tech Leader and I’m Sick of Our Approach to Diversity14-08-2017
687An Intro to Compilers13-08-2017
674YouTube AI deletes war crimes evidence as 'extremist material'12-08-2017
1111Ad blocking is under attack11-08-2017
641Four Earth-sized planets detected orbiting the nearest sun-like star10-08-2017
776uBlock Origin Maintainer on Chrome vs. Firefox WebExtensions09-08-2017
1697Google Fires Employee Behind Controversial Diversity Memo08-08-2017
813Show HN: Is the stock market going to crash?07-08-2017
701HTML5 Version of the Tron:Legacy Boardroom Scene06-08-2017
429There Have Always Existed People Who’ve Simply Wanted to Be Alone05-08-2017
752Martin Shkreli is found guilty of securities fraud04-08-2017
740Exa, a modern replacement for ls03-08-2017
1879Launch HN: 70MillionJobs (YC S17) – Job board for people with criminal records02-08-2017
729App sizes are out of control01-08-2017
655Out of all major energy sources, nuclear is the safest31-07-2017
772Ubershaders: A Ridiculous Solution to an Impossible Problem30-07-2017
433Apple Removes Apps from China Store That Help Internet Users Evade Censorship29-07-2017
447Sandsifter: find undocumented instructions and bugs on x86 CPU28-07-2017
632Sci-Hub’s cache of pirated papers is so big, subscription journals are doomed27-07-2017
560Petition to open source Flash26-07-2017
1213“We will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020”25-07-2017
1014How a VC-funded company is undermining the open-source community24-07-2017
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563Scientists Reverse Brain Damage in Drowned Toddler?20-07-2017
943153k Ether Stolen in Parity Multi-Sig Attack19-07-2017
609The Myth of Drug Expiration Dates18-07-2017
794The Limitations of Deep Learning17-07-2017
1277Apache Foundation disallows use of the Facebook “BSD+Patent” license16-07-2017
614Maryam Mirzakhani, first woman and Iranian to win Fields Medal, has died15-07-2017
835Seeing AI for iOS14-07-2017
746Toward Go 213-07-2017
1664Net Neutrality Day of Action: Help Preserve the Open Internet12-07-2017
802How Discord Scaled Elixir to 5M Concurrent Users11-07-2017
1404Taking control of all .io domains with a targeted registration10-07-2017
765How to make a friend fast09-07-2017
837What Is Ethereum?08-07-2017
550I make $10k per month with the Amazon Affiliate Program07-07-2017
857Wildcard Certificates Coming January 201806-07-2017
1074Making a virtual machine in Google Sheets05-07-2017
522Gitter is open source04-07-2017
635Ask HN: Who is hiring? (July 2017)03-07-2017
729Largest-ever study of controversial pesticides finds harm to bees02-07-2017
501NYPD is canceling its Palantir contract01-07-2017
1188Silicon Valley Women, in Cultural Shift, Frankly Describe Sexual Harassment30-06-2017
586TDD did not live up to expectations29-06-2017
798An easter egg for one user: Luke Skywalker28-06-2017
744Magic-Wormhole – Get things from one computer to another, safely27-06-2017
707The Presence of One’s Own Smartphone Reduces Available Cognitive Capacity26-06-2017
1108Intel Skylake/Kaby Lake processors: broken hyper-threading25-06-2017
354Show HN: Insect – a high-precision scientific calculator with physical units24-06-2017
903Google Will Stop Reading Your Emails for Gmail Ads23-06-2017
944Luna – Visual and textual functional programming language22-06-2017
2119Uber Founder Travis Kalanick Resigns as C.E.O.21-06-2017
776Euro MPs back end-to-end encryption for all citizens20-06-2017
428Why we’re betting against real-time team messaging19-06-2017
834Georgia Tech's free math textbook collective18-06-2017
756European leaders call for open access to all scientific papers by 2020 (2016)17-06-2017
1687Amazon to Acquire Whole Foods for $13.7B16-06-2017
881Developers who use spaces make more money than those who use tabs15-06-2017
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801Reverse engineering guide for beginners: Methodology and tools12-06-2017
650Hackers Are Hijacking Phone Numbers and Breaking into Email, Bank Accounts11-06-2017
1146Please Make Google AMP Optional10-06-2017
593Be Careful with UUID or GUID as Primary Keys09-06-2017
752A subway-style diagram of the major Roman roads, based on the Empire ca. 125 AD08-06-2017
995“Let her speak please”07-06-2017
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927Ask HN: What language-agnostic programming books should I read?05-06-2017
739On average, skipping college and investing tuition costs nets a higher return04-06-2017
740Accidentally destroyed production database on first day of a job03-06-2017
842Network Protocols02-06-2017
1635Facebook is an attack on the open web01-06-2017
884SCOTUS: Patent Rights Over a Printer Cartridge Are Exhausted When It Is Sold30-05-2017
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649How to Sleep28-05-2017
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866Why I Quit Being So Accommodating (1922)25-05-2017
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10041Password Travel Mode: Protect your data when crossing borders23-05-2017
746U.S. top court tightens patent suit rules in blow to ‘patent trolls’22-05-2017
699Ask HN: How do I switch from being a passive consumer to an active producer?21-05-2017
969Kill Google AMP before it kills the web20-05-2017
538Sweden drops Julian Assange rape investigation19-05-2017
694Let them paste passwords18-05-2017
952A startup’s Firebase bill suddenly increased from $25 to $1750 per month17-05-2017
1419My Family’s Slave16-05-2017
806AI Playbook15-05-2017
380FCC Filings Overwhelmingly Support Net Neutrality Once Spam Is Removed14-05-2017
1981Accidentally Stopping a Global Cyber Attack13-05-2017
1248Cyberattacks in 12 Nations Said to Use Leaked N.S.A. Hacking Tool12-05-2017
587Recovering from Burnout and Depression11-05-2017
1450A crashed advertisement reveals logs of a facial recognition system10-05-2017
2106Get started making music09-05-2017
928Net neutrality is in jeopardy again08-05-2017
1054Wikimedia Foundation spending07-05-2017
598Why does Google prepend while(1); to their JSON responses?06-05-2017
830The Horror in the Standard Library05-05-2017
883Uber faces criminal probe over software used to evade authorities04-05-2017
1015Root – Programmable bank account for software developers03-05-2017
1455CRISPR eliminates HIV-1 infection in live animals02-05-2017
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568Why Use Postgres?30-04-2017
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715Postal: Open source mail delivery platform, alternative to Mailgun or Sendgrid26-04-2017
787Painting with Code: Introducing our new open source library React Sketch.app25-04-2017
1401Lyrebird – An API to copy the voice of anyone24-04-2017
1034How SSH got port number 2223-04-2017
558For First Time Since 1800s, Britain Goes a Day Without Burning Coal for Power22-04-2017
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1080Calculus Made Easy (1914) [pdf]20-04-2017
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517How to Raise a Creative Child – Step One: Back Off (2016)16-04-2017
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1117A Competitive Programmer's Handbook14-04-2017
1152How We Built r/Place13-04-2017
1477We’re dropping Google Ads12-04-2017
1519Electron is flash for the desktop (2016)11-04-2017
768Semantic UI10-04-2017
563The Utter Uselessness of Job Interviews09-04-2017
657Snowden: NSA just lost control of its Top Secret arsenal of digital weapons08-04-2017
718New York City bans employers from asking potential workers about past salary07-04-2017
1031An off-grid social network06-04-2017
1275Build Your Own Text Editor05-04-2017
1735Tim Berners-Lee wins Turing Award04-04-2017
846Tesla Passes Ford by Market Value03-04-2017
959Why Japan’s Rail Workers Point at Things01-04-2017
1374Ask HN: What do you want to see in Ubuntu 17.10?31-03-2017
1094SES-10 Mission30-03-2017
775Explain Shell29-03-2017
901The House just voted to wipe out the FCC’s landmark Internet privacy protections28-03-2017
1088Deep Photo Style Transfer26-03-2017
669Amazon's Tepid Response to Counterfeiters Frustrates Sellers25-03-2017
618Google Talk Is Being Discontinued24-03-2017
992US Senate votes to undo FCC internet privacy rules23-03-2017
1423Onedrive is slow on Linux but fast with a “Windows” user-agent (2016)22-03-2017
1841GitHub lets staff own IP developed for personal projects using company resources21-03-2017
930Distill: a modern machine learning journal20-03-2017
1359They Used To Last 50 Years19-03-2017
426U.S. Web Design Standards 1.018-03-2017
560Enroute Airbus A380 wake flips Challenger business jet upside down17-03-2017
825Acing the technical interview16-03-2017
948GitLab acquires Gitter, will open-source the code15-03-2017
1032Keep the Internet Open14-03-2017
1308Teach Yourself Computer Science13-03-2017
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712Build a digital clock in Conway's Life11-03-2017
711Password Rules Are Bullshit10-03-2017
1125YC will hold interviews in Vancouver for founders who can’t get US visas09-03-2017
1101Notepad++ V 7.3.3 – Fix CIA Hacking Notepad++ Issue08-03-2017
2699CIA malware and hacking tools07-03-2017
1059Mathematics for Computer Science [pdf]06-03-2017
695Why I left Mac for Windows: Apple has given up05-03-2017
534A deep dive into why Wi-Fi kind of sucks04-03-2017
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3238Cloudflare Reverse Proxies Are Dumping Uninitialized Memory23-02-2017
2256Seven earth-sized planets discovered circling a star 39 light years from Earth22-02-2017
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912Starting an Internet Service Provider20-02-2017
4107Reflecting on one very, very strange year at Uber19-02-2017
503Pixar offers free online lessons in storytelling via Khan Academy18-02-2017
811Google Spreadsheets and Python17-02-2017
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1237I started a one-man biz that's beating VC-backed startups15-02-2017
1068Introducing Cloud Spanner, a Global Database Service14-02-2017
544Encrypted email is still a pain13-02-2017
956A US-born NASA scientist was detained at the border until he unlocked his phone12-02-2017
515Takeover.sh – Wipe and reinstall a running Linux system via SSH without reboot11-02-2017
456H-1B visas mainly go to Indian outsourcing firms10-02-2017
1332Looking for Work After 25 Years of Octave09-02-2017
1269The web sucks if you have a slow connection08-02-2017
846Hans Rosling has died07-02-2017
888What Vizio was doing behind the TV screen06-02-2017
581A DIY M&Ms and Skittles sorting machine05-02-2017
723Blockchain Demo [video]04-02-2017
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556How Children Lost the Right to Roam in Just 4 Generations02-02-2017
1162GitLab Database Incident – Live Report01-02-2017
1558Welcome, ACLU31-01-2017
551Ask HN: Which developers do you closely follow?30-01-2017
685Sergey Brin joins protest against immigration order at SFO29-01-2017
1131Time to Take a Stand28-01-2017
680How to leak to the press27-01-2017
1000First they came for the Iranians26-01-2017
830George Orwell’s 1984 is currently the top selling book on Amazon25-01-2017
896Wine 2.0 released24-01-2017
720Learn TensorFlow and deep learning, without a Ph.D.23-01-2017
951I Had My Electronics Seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection22-01-2017
843Container Tabs21-01-2017
655Amazon Web Services in Plain English (2015)20-01-2017
880Google Has Started Penalizing Mobile Websites with Intrusive Pop-Up Ads19-01-2017
1382What I Wish I'd Known About Equity Before Joining a Unicorn18-01-2017
1503Obama Commutes Bulk of Chelsea Manning’s Sentence17-01-2017
625A Visa for founders, engineers and investors willing to join France16-01-2017
937Naughty Strings: A list of strings likely to cause issues as user-input data15-01-2017
899I Turned a Routine Traffic Ticket into a Constitutional Trial14-01-2017
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537The Risk of Discovery12-01-2017
805Integrating GTA V into Universe11-01-2017
879Welcome Chris Lattner10-01-2017
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487Rust is mostly safety29-12-2016
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428Carrie Fisher has died27-12-2016
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516Computer Science from the Bottom Up (2013)24-12-2016
639LiChess: Learn from your mistakes23-12-2016
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683Practical Deep Learning for Coders20-12-2016
1164Building Jarvis19-12-2016
493Wolfenstein 3D – Gameboy cartridge with co-processor18-12-2016
610Finland will hand out cash to 2000 jobless people to test universal basic income17-12-2016
488The Idea of Lisp16-12-2016
1009Yahoo installed a backdoor for the NSA behind the back of the security team15-12-2016
1046Yahoo discloses hack of 1B accounts14-12-2016
785Waymo: Google's self-driving car company13-12-2016
536What Makes a Senior Software Developer?12-12-2016
891Things You Notice When You Quit the News11-12-2016
544My Pixel has a manufacturing defect10-12-2016
1052Developers’ side projects09-12-2016
911'Clean your desk': My Amazon interview experience08-12-2016
929Launchaco – Instantly generate a responsive, free, website07-12-2016
861Google says it will run entirely on renewable energy in 201706-12-2016
1630Tell HN: Political Detox Week – No politics on HN for one week05-12-2016
419Disassembling Sublime Text04-12-2016
662This AI Boom Will Also Bust03-12-2016
919Crypto 101 – Introductory course on cryptography02-12-2016
921How the Singapore Circle Line rogue train was caught with data01-12-2016
1142Amazon LightSail: Simple Virtual Private Servers on AWS30-11-2016
1113Logojoy: AI-powered logo creator29-11-2016
785CyberChef – A Cyber Swiss Army Knife28-11-2016
591Learning to Read X86 Assembly Language27-11-2016
810Fidel Castro has died26-11-2016
873Matrix Multiplication25-11-2016
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633A practical guide to securing macOS23-11-2016
501NIST’s new password rules – what you need to know22-11-2016
7034-bit calculator made from cardboard and marbles21-11-2016
1131Quit Social Media, Your Career May Depend on It20-11-2016
678Miyazaki Tribute19-11-2016
692How to start a company with no free time18-11-2016
1111SpaceX plans worldwide satellite Internet with low latency, gigabit speed17-11-2016
1083Quick, Draw16-11-2016
798Show HN: Primitive for macOS15-11-2016
1155“I have toyota corola”14-11-2016
1358Dear Google, Apple, Mozilla, and MS: Please End Auto-Playing Media in Browsers13-11-2016
603Blueprint – A React UI toolkit for the web12-11-2016
978Leonard Cohen Has Died11-11-2016
710Facebook admits it must do more to stop the spread of misinformation10-11-2016
1817Donald Trump is the president-elect of the U.S.09-11-2016
618Benefits of using tmux – streamlining your development environment08-11-2016
593Homebrew 1.1.007-11-2016
629Time to Dump Time Zones06-11-2016
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690Web fonts, boy, I don't know03-11-2016
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759WebAssembly Browser Preview31-10-2016
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814Total Nightmare: USB-C and Thunderbolt 329-10-2016
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861MacBook Pro27-10-2016
822Tesla reports first quarterly profit in more than three years26-10-2016
955Music Theory: An Education from First Principles25-10-2016
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637Exposing high-end poker cheating devices22-10-2016
1563DDoS Attack Against Dyn Managed DNS21-10-2016
1493All Tesla Cars Being Produced Now Have Full Self-Driving Hardware20-10-2016
1071Thank HN: From Google form to $1k in revenue in one month19-10-2016
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782Wikileaks: Julian Assange's internet access 'cut'17-10-2016
1019Programming books you might want to consider reading16-10-2016
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2475Be Kind14-10-2016
1764Google's “Director of Engineering” Hiring Test13-10-2016
911Show HN: Your Social Media Fingerprint (maybe NSFW)12-10-2016
1714Yarn – A new package manager for JavaScript11-10-2016
1149The Dutch Reach: Clever Workaround to Keep Cyclists from Getting “Doored”10-10-2016
710A decentralized web would give power back to the people online09-10-2016
567A Javascript journey with only six characters08-10-2016
543Farm grows vegetables in a desert using sun and seawater07-10-2016
1674RethinkDB is shutting down06-10-2016
1036Apple Has Removed Dash from the App Store05-10-2016
1361I'm choosing euthanasia etd 1pm. I have no last words.04-10-2016
792Paper Planes03-10-2016
560Deep-Fried Data02-10-2016
600The terrorist inside my husband's brain01-10-2016
1226Show HN: Wave function collapse algorithm30-09-2016
553PostgreSQL 9.6 Released29-09-2016
573Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft Create Partnership on AI28-09-2016
2123Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species [video]27-09-2016
608WoSign and StartCom: Mozilla’s proposed conclusion26-09-2016
688UnGoogled Chromium: Chromium with enhanced privacy, control and transparency25-09-2016
568Bike manufacturer sees huge reduction in delivery damage by printing TV on box24-09-2016
740Ripgrep – A new command line search tool23-09-2016
553Announcing TypeScript 2.022-09-2016
1054Linux can’t be installed on a recent Lenovo laptop21-09-2016
894Show HN: Primitive Pictures20-09-2016
766Music theory for nerds19-09-2016
588Washington Post Is First Paper to Call for Prosecution of Its Own Source18-09-2016
833I gave commit rights to someone I didn't know17-09-2016
797Investing for Geeks16-09-2016
1106Elon Musk on How to Build the Future15-09-2016
2553Pardon Snowden14-09-2016
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535Cap’n Proto10-09-2016
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660“Dear Mark. I am writing this to inform you that I shall not comply”08-09-2016
957You Suck at Excel with Joel Spolsky (2015) [video]07-09-2016
1205EU Announces That All Scientific Articles Should Be Freely Accessible by 202006-09-2016
1238Philae Found05-09-2016
683In defence of Douglas Crockford04-09-2016
832An account of a serious medical emergency on a transoceanic flight03-09-2016
438A global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions02-09-2016
986A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket has exploded at Cape Canaveral01-09-2016
1313The Dropbox hack is real31-08-2016
596Google Takes on Uber with New Ride-Share Service30-08-2016
1311Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup29-08-2016
490Docker not ready for primetime28-08-2016
4044WD vs. AWD. What's the Difference?27-08-2016
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1055NSO Group's iPhone Zero-Days used against a UAE Human Rights Defender25-08-2016
1187Planet Found in Habitable Zone Around Nearest Star24-08-2016
852Web Scraping in 201623-08-2016
624“Node.js is one of the worst things to happen to the software industry” (2012)22-08-2016
455Introducing OpenStreetView21-08-2016
961Japanese writing system basics20-08-2016
832The Cuban CDN19-08-2016
1217PowerShell is open sourced and is available on Linux18-08-2016
1323“It's The Future”17-08-2016
701Fake Linus Torvalds' Key Found in the Wild, No More Short-IDs16-08-2016
545Go 1.7 is released15-08-2016
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595Breakthrough solar cell captures CO2 and sunlight, produces burnable fuel30-07-2016
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1008LastPass autofill exploit27-07-2016
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509Building a BitTorrent client from scratch in C#05-07-2016
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636Home Computers Connected to the Internet Aren't Private, Court Rules01-07-2016
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889New Cities27-06-2016
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3125UK votes to leave EU24-06-2016
1346Defending Our Brand23-06-2016
574Lenin was a mushroom22-06-2016
1030“PayPal has demanded that we monitor data traffic as well as customers’ files”21-06-2016
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850Spaceship Generator18-06-2016
652How are zlib, gzip and Zip related? (2013)17-06-2016
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1045VPAID ads destroy performance and are still served by major ad networks14-06-2016
2049Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn for $26B13-06-2016
314In poor neighborhoods, McDonald’s have become de-facto community centers12-06-2016
590Coursera shuts access to old platform courses11-06-2016
803A Grain of Salt10-06-2016
795Jessica Livingston’s Pretty Complete List on How Not to Fail09-06-2016
1565Being sued, in East Texas, for using the Google Play Store [video]08-06-2016
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762ASUS delivers BIOS/UEFI auto-updates over HTTP with no verification05-06-2016
674Muhammad Ali has died04-06-2016
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565Learn the ways of Linux-fu, for free02-06-2016
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499Blocklist of all Facebook domains28-05-2016
1167All European scientific publicly funded articles to be freely accessible by 202027-05-2016
1832Jury in Oracle v. Google finds in Google's favour26-05-2016
566Flappy Bird Clone Code Injected into Super Mario World for SNES by Hand25-05-2016
763E Ink announces a full color electrophoretic ePaper display24-05-2016
481IBM is not doing "cognitive computing" with Watson23-05-2016
716My time with Rails is up22-05-2016
1423Reverse Engineering a Mysterious UDP Stream in My Hotel21-05-2016
1612How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds20-05-2016
690Chrome removes Backspace to go back19-05-2016
823Google supercharges machine learning tasks with TPU custom chip18-05-2016
606Horizon 1.0: a realtime, open-source JavaScript back end from RethinkDB17-05-2016
755WebKit is now 100% ES6 complete16-05-2016
435A former CIA spy has revealed his key role in the arrest of Nelson Mandela15-05-2016
573Hidden Microphones Part of Government Surveillance Program in the Bay Area14-05-2016
950Did I just win?13-05-2016
1083Announcing SyntaxNet: The World’s Most Accurate Natural Language Parser12-05-2016
1576Introducing unlimited private repositories11-05-2016
771A Farewell to FRP10-05-2016
521“We're considering banning domains that require users to disable ad blockers”09-05-2016
547New GNU Emacs website08-05-2016
565OxyContin's 12-hour problem07-05-2016
814SpaceX lands rocket at sea second time after satellite launch06-05-2016
1259Apple Stole My Music05-05-2016
636Medical error is third biggest cause of death in the US, experts say04-05-2016
756The price of solar power just fell 50% in 16 months03-05-2016
972WhatsApp, Used by 100M Brazilians, Shut Down Nationwide Today by a Single Judge02-05-2016
464What Happened to Google Maps?01-05-2016
458Lavabit code open sourced30-04-2016
1085Who's downloading pirated papers? Everyone29-04-2016
542Steam now accepts Bitcoin for purchases28-04-2016
736Introducing MIR27-04-2016
854Being a Developer After 4026-04-2016
826BYOT: Bring your own team25-04-2016
411The Science of Making Friends24-04-2016
411About rel=noopener23-04-2016
1610A Protocol for Dying22-04-2016
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655Almost Nothing About the ‘Apple Harvests Gold from iPhones’ Story Is True20-04-2016
637Intel to Cut 12,000 Jobs, Forecast Misses Amid PC Blight19-04-2016
627Kindle Unlimited scammers on Amazon18-04-2016
496Ask HN: Describe your first enterprise sale17-04-2016
703Uber wants access to browsing history, bookmarks, and running apps16-04-2016
495Gone in Six Characters: Short URLs Considered Harmful for Cloud Services15-04-2016
1138Kite – Programming Copilot14-04-2016
799Post-Mortem for Google Compute Engine’s Global Outage on April 1113-04-2016
896Leaving Beta, New Sponsors12-04-2016
542The 1% hide their money offshore, then use it to corrupt our democracy11-04-2016
383What if the problem of poverty is that it’s profitable to other people?10-04-2016
679Congratulations You’ve Been Fired09-04-2016
989YouTube-dl: Open-source YouTube downloader08-04-2016
695React v15.007-04-2016
1296My Biggest Regret as a Programmer06-04-2016
1055WhatsApp's Signal Protocol integration is now complete05-04-2016
813Save Netflix04-04-2016
1373Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca leak reveals elite's tax havens03-04-2016
585How an Army of Ocean Farmers Are Starting an Economic Revolution02-04-2016
702Squash your commits01-04-2016
944Xamarin now free in Visual Studio, and Xamarin SDK being open-sourced31-03-2016
2049Ubuntu on Windows30-03-2016
1304He Always Had a Dark Side29-03-2016
1236My Heroic and Lazy Stand Against IFTTT28-03-2016
421My year in startup hell27-03-2016
478VNC Roulette26-03-2016
461Amazon Provides DIY Echo Plans for Raspberry Pi25-03-2016
943Left-pad as a service24-03-2016
1725NPM and Left-Pad: Have We Forgotten How to Program?23-03-2016
1573I've Just Liberated My Modules22-03-2016
1615We only hire the trendiest21-03-2016
618Redox – A Unix-Like Operating System Written in Rust19-03-2016
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830Google Puts Boston Dynamics Up for Sale in Robotics Retreat17-03-2016
510VPN Comparison Chart16-03-2016
708AlphaGo Beats Lee Sedol in Final Game15-03-2016
794A previously unnoticed property of prime numbers14-03-2016
1395Lee Sedol Beats AlphaGo in Game 413-03-2016
566AlphaGo beats Lee Sedol 3-0 [video]12-03-2016
928I stayed in a hotel with Android lightswitches and it was as bad as you'd think11-03-2016
942AlphaGo beats Lee Sedol again in match 2 of 510-03-2016
1622Responsive Pixel Art09-03-2016
1020How to Pass a Programming Interview08-03-2016
1344Announcing SQL Server on Linux07-03-2016
895Transmission BitTorrent app contained malware06-03-2016
471When the U.S. air force discovered the flaw of averages05-03-2016
580MAME is now Free and Open Source Software04-03-2016
654Kofi Annan on Why It's Time to Legalize Drugs02-03-2016
1272Diffie and Hellman Win Turing Award01-03-2016
797Brooklyn Judge: Feds Can't Use All Writs Act to Force Apple's Hand [pdf]29-02-2016
593MentalHealthError: an exception occurred27-02-2016
518Raspberry Pi 3 Model B confirmed, with onboard BT LE and WiFi26-02-2016
888Microsoft, Google, Facebook Back Apple in Blocked Phone Case25-02-2016
1659Stripe Atlas24-02-2016
715Spotify moves its back end to Google Cloud23-02-2016
603GitLab 8.5 released22-02-2016
744AI generated music to improve focus, relaxation and sleep21-02-2016
643Snowden: FBI obscuring crucial details in Apple case20-02-2016
1302Graphing when your Facebook friends are awake19-02-2016
622iTerm2 Version 3 Now in Beta18-02-2016
5771A Message to Our Customers17-02-2016
903Vulkan is Here16-02-2016
694Too many people have peed in the pool15-02-2016
682I no longer understand my PhD dissertation14-02-2016
8393D printed sundial whose precise holes cast a shadow displaying the current time13-02-2016
763GitHub responds to Dear GitHub letter12-02-2016
2011Physicists Detect Gravitational Waves, Proving Einstein Right11-02-2016
577My Little Sister Taught Me How to “Snapchat Like the Teens”10-02-2016
819Show HN: I've been writing daily TILs for a year09-02-2016
684India bans discriminatory pricing based on source/destination/app/content08-02-2016
321The Rent-Seeking Is Too Damn High07-02-2016
808GitHub is undergoing a full-blown overhaul as execs and employees depart06-02-2016
1012LinkedIn shares drop 40%, erasing $10B of company's value05-02-2016
1282Apple’s declining software quality04-02-2016
468Idea Debt03-02-2016
441Show HN: 3D Vector Graphics02-02-2016
720Alphabet Becomes the Most Valuable Public Company in the World01-02-2016
461Introducing Bootstrap Studio31-01-2016
731Get HTTPS for free30-01-2016
551How I fixed a bug in Atom29-01-2016
1202Facebook is closing Parse28-01-2016
1876Request For Research: Basic Income27-01-2016
544Disabling npm's progress bar yields a 2x npm install speed improvement26-01-2016
1259Marvin Minsky dies at 8825-01-2016
1447Amazon's customer service backdoor24-01-2016
756T-Shirts Unravelled23-01-2016
634Privilege and Inequality in Silicon Valley22-01-2016
454Show HN: Super Mail Forward, an HTML email that evolves as you forward it21-01-2016
883Caltech Researchers Find Evidence of a Planet Beyond Pluto20-01-2016
798Desktop Neo – rethinking the desktop interface for productivity19-01-2016
1043Top Books on Amazon Based on Links in Hacker News Comments18-01-2016
639I ended up paying $150 for a single 60GB download from Amazon Glacier17-01-2016
970Life is Short16-01-2016
441Wikipedia Turns 1515-01-2016
1678Dear GitHub14-01-2016
758ChakraCore GitHub repository is now open13-01-2016
445A Beginner's Guide to Scaling to 11M+ Users on Amazon's AWS12-01-2016
1484David Bowie Has Died11-01-2016
596Running costs for running a web app10-01-2016
606Japan Keeps This Defunct Train Station Running for Just One Passenger09-01-2016
1145How to C in 201608-01-2016
660PostgreSQL 9.5: UPSERT, Row Level Security, and Big Data07-01-2016
1015Netflix Is Now Available Around the World06-01-2016
1144Dutch government says no to backdoors, grants $540k to OpenSSL05-01-2016
477G.M. Invests $500M in Lyft04-01-2016
570Peter Naur has died03-01-2016
852The Refragmentation02-01-2016
1122The Website Obesity Crisis01-01-2016
597NSA Cheerleaders Discover Value of Privacy Only When Their Own Is Violated31-12-2015
1457In Memoriam: Ian Murdock30-12-2015
451Best things and stuff of 201529-12-2015
328Introducing d3-scale28-12-2015
501Stop Patent Trolls: Support the Innovation Act of 201527-12-2015
537AWS mistakes to avoid26-12-2015
804Facebook is misleading Indians with its full-page ads about Free Basics25-12-2015
905Open Letter to Mozilla: Bring Back Persona24-12-2015
591'New' Python modules of 201523-12-2015
1284SpaceX launch webcast: Orbcomm-2 Mission [video]22-12-2015
395Rails 5.0.0.beta1: Action Cable, API Mode, Rails Command21-12-2015
407Juniper screenOS authentication backdoor - master ssh password posted20-12-2015
379Obama Signs CISA Bill into Law19-12-2015
1093Show HN: Open Hunt – an open and community-run alternative to Product Hunt18-12-2015
1562Instagram's Million Dollar Bug17-12-2015
949The first person to hack the iPhone is building a self-driving car16-12-2015
695How Product Hunt really works15-12-2015
561Philips Hue blocks 3rd party lights14-12-2015
530Bullshit Startup Experiences13-12-2015
549Stockfighter is live12-12-2015
1107Introducing OpenAI11-12-2015
383The first plasma: the Wendelstein 7-X fusion device is now in operation10-12-2015
413Why Go Is Not Good (2014)09-12-2015
667Who Y Combinator Companies Want08-12-2015
624Dropbox closing Carousel and Mailbox07-12-2015
355Survey of popular Node.js packages reveals credential leaks06-12-2015
852Microsoft Edge's JavaScript engine to go open-source05-12-2015
458Open source software for developing world hospitals04-12-2015
1824Swift is Open Source03-12-2015
803Kazakhstan to MitM all HTTPS traffic starting Jan 102-12-2015
884Leaving the Mac App Store01-12-2015
737A Decade-Old Gag Order, Lifted30-11-2015
747Show HN: Something pointless I made29-11-2015
261English has been my pain for 15 years (2013)28-11-2015
701Pirated Courses on Udemy27-11-2015
1271Raspberry Pi Zero: the $5 computer26-11-2015
556Macbook charger teardown: surprising complexity inside Apple's power adapter25-11-2015
541MagSpoof – wireless credit card/magstripe spoofer24-11-2015
532Google Launches Android Studio 2.023-11-2015
367Breaking the fourth wall with Minecraft22-11-2015
476What is a coder's worst nightmare? (2014)21-11-2015
632Introducing the Shift Card: Use Bitcoin where Visa is accepted20-11-2015
645Comcast injects JavaScript into webpages to show copyright notices to customers19-11-2015
1325Visual Studio Code is now open source18-11-2015
1368VLC contributor living in Aleppo writing about the Paris attacks17-11-2015
1740Jessica Livingston16-11-2015
280Opposition to Facebook's new internet.org15-11-2015
623Paris Shootings and Explosions Kill Over 100, Police Say14-11-2015
740Gene Amdahl has died13-11-2015
665Don't copy paste from a website to a terminal12-11-2015
674Show HN: Parinfer – a simpler way to write Lisp11-11-2015
438Facebook M – The Anti-Turing Test10-11-2015
1559TensorFlow: open-source library for machine intelligence09-11-2015
370Why people keep trying to erase the Hollywood sign from Google Maps (2014)08-11-2015
421The European Commission is preparing an attack on the hyperlink07-11-2015
515Thank you, Y Combinator06-11-2015
1202Startup Playbook05-11-2015
1524Google engineer writing Amazon reviews on USB-C cables that don't work04-11-2015
586Indonesia is burning. So why is the world looking away?03-11-2015
562The Tech Bust of 201502-11-2015
886Please don't use Slack for FOSS projects01-11-2015
344Apple doesn’t allow Chaos Computer Club tvOS application31-10-2015
802Show HN: Twitch Installs Arch Linux – A cooperative text-based horror game30-10-2015
638Screenshots from developers and Unix people taken in 200229-10-2015
1121Didn’t Homejoy Shut Down?28-10-2015
730EFF Wins Petition to Inspect and Modify Car Software27-10-2015
421Why Homejoy Failed26-10-2015
647Write like you talk25-10-2015
333Stop forcing arbitrary password rules24-10-2015
408Mimic – abusing Unicode to create tragedy23-10-2015
693A story about <input>22-10-2015
479BMW i8 in WebGL21-10-2015
1260Let's Encrypt is Trusted20-10-2015
588Ogo, a new take on personal transportation19-10-2015
381OS X El Capitan License: in Plain English18-10-2015
544The Hostile Email Landscape17-10-2015
658Cops are asking Ancestry.com and 23andMe for their customers’ DNA16-10-2015
1005How is NSA breaking so much crypto?15-10-2015
378Tesla Model S Autopilot Features14-10-2015
582Twitter announces layoffs13-10-2015
778Blowing the Whistle on the UC Berkeley Mathematics Department12-10-2015
399A global movement to ban urban billboards11-10-2015
374Twitter Expected to Begin Layoffs and Stop Headquarters Expansion10-10-2015
667The Final Leaked TPP Text Is All That We Feared09-10-2015
764Mercury Spill08-10-2015
1776YC Research07-10-2015
875New Windows 10 Devices From Microsoft06-10-2015
478Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal Is Reached05-10-2015
341Why the Internet Needs IPFS04-10-2015
564Losing Sight03-10-2015
1254Free Lossless Image Format02-10-2015
716Amazon Will Ban Sale of Apple, Google Video-Streaming Devices01-10-2015
462Study: Some car models consuming around 50% more fuel than official results30-09-2015
698Two HN Announcements29-09-2015
1011Signs of Liquid Water Found on Surface of Mars, Study Says28-09-2015
355Google fixes nearly decade-old Linux kernel TCP bug27-09-2015
681Show HN: I spent a year making an electro-mechanical prototype of a liquid clock26-09-2015
755Dropbox has open-sourced Zulip25-09-2015
549Give Google Contributor a try: Pay to remove ads24-09-2015
872'Happy Birthday' song copyright is not valid, judge rules23-09-2015
767When Your Former Boss Sues You for Starting a Startup22-09-2015
830Drug Goes from $13.50 a Tablet to $750, Overnight21-09-2015
608Show HN: %%30%30: A Game20-09-2015
341Statistics for Hackers19-09-2015
561Our Team Won Startup Weekend and All We Got Was a Shitty New Boss18-09-2015
418The toxic side of free – how I lost the love for my side project (part 4)17-09-2015
195214-Year-Old Boy Arrested for Bringing Homemade Clock to School16-09-2015
460Nine of the World’s Biggest Banks Form Blockchain Partnership15-09-2015
1131Our First Certificate Is Now Live14-09-2015
491Python 3.5.013-09-2015
303What Ever Happened to Google Books?12-09-2015
1479Amazon Web Services in Plain English11-09-2015
635New human-like species discovered10-09-2015
479How we ended up with microservices09-09-2015
1248Node v4.0.008-09-2015
739The Pixel Factory07-09-2015
325Death to Bullshit06-09-2015
639The Website That Got Me Expelled05-09-2015
476Don’t Build a Billion-Dollar Business04-09-2015
581Stripe: Open Source03-09-2015
487New React Developer Tools02-09-2015
683Google’s look, evolved01-09-2015
276A native hypervisor is coming to OpenBSD31-08-2015
517OS X Command Line Utilities30-08-2015
521Hack: A typeface designed for source code29-08-2015
792Phoenix 1.028-08-2015
753Pixar in a Box – Khan Academy27-08-2015
458“I Had a Baby and Cancer When I Worked at Amazon”26-08-2015
431WordSafety – Check a name for unwanted meanings in foreign languages25-08-2015
402John Carmack's son's game in Racket24-08-2015
289Cat purr generator23-08-2015
1543“Two days ago the police came to me and wanted me to stop working on this”22-08-2015
423Real Life First Person Shooter, Chatroulette Version [video]21-08-2015
365Designing and Building Stockfighter, Our Programming Game20-08-2015
655Bootstrap 4 alpha19-08-2015
590Eve Version 017-08-2015
487I made a cell phone [video]16-08-2015
708Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace15-08-2015
445Brains Sweep Themselves Clean of Toxins During Sleep (2013)14-08-2015
453Even when told not to, Windows 10 doesn't stop talking to Microsoft13-08-2015
645“It’s done, there is no way back. We tried, we failed”12-08-2015
613“Stop reverse engineering our code”11-08-2015
2228G is for Google10-08-2015
355Change Your Name09-08-2015
443Classical music generation with recurrent neural networks08-08-2015
491Unix Toolbox07-08-2015
437From a million miles away, NASA camera shows moon crossing face of Earth06-08-2015
533Hawaii Bans Non-Compete and Non-Solicit Clauses in High-Tech Employment05-08-2015
836Show HN: My SSH server knows who you are04-08-2015
760The Web We Have to Save03-08-2015
292Reykjavik Center Map02-08-2015
427Living in Switzerland ruined me for America and its lousy work culture01-08-2015
536ClojureScript 1.7: ClojureScript can compile itself31-07-2015
965I noticed some disturbing privacy defaults in Windows 1030-07-2015
704Newegg vs. Patent Trolls: When We Win, You Win29-07-2015
1215Show HN: Spot the Drowning Child28-07-2015
589Using Google without a Google+ profile27-07-2015
424One in every 600 websites has .git exposed26-07-2015
600In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided me25-07-2015
345The Verge's web sucks24-07-2015
851NASA’s Kepler Mission Discovers Bigger, Older Cousin to Earth23-07-2015
486PostgREST – REST API from any PostgreSQL database22-07-2015
988Web Design: The First 100 Years (2014)21-07-2015
998YC Fellowship20-07-2015
847Tell HN: Hello19-07-2015
699Ex-Googler says she exposed company-wide pay inequality with spreadsheet18-07-2015
719Dear Google Mail Team17-07-2015
591The Icy Mountains of Pluto15-07-2015
931Firefox makes click-to-activate Flash the default14-07-2015
612The Really Big One13-07-2015
937Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has died [pdf]12-07-2015
658If you've nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear11-07-2015
862Ellen Pao Is Stepping Down as Reddit’s Chief10-07-2015
614React.js Introduction for People Who Know Just Enough JQuery09-07-2015
439Facebook’s Piracy Problem08-07-2015
444Snow – A layer 3 virtual network that uses public keys instead of IP addresses07-07-2015
629Stuff in Space06-07-2015
427Thomas Piketty: “Germany has never repaid.”05-07-2015
963Front Page Subreddits Go Private in Response to Firing of Reddit Admin03-07-2015
542Dutch universities start their Elsevier boycott plan02-07-2015
673Ask HN: Who is hiring? (July 2015)01-07-2015
753Safari is the new IE30-06-2015
381SpaceX – Launch Vehicle Failure28-06-2015
286Microsoft quietly pushes 18 new trusted root certificates27-06-2015
1905Same-Sex Marriage Is a Right, Supreme Court Rules26-06-2015
1096Atom 1.025-06-2015
750What's Really Warming the World?24-06-2015
526I spent the last 15 years trying to become an American and failed23-06-2015
742Organizing complexity is the most important skill in software development22-06-2015
891To Apple, Love Taylor21-06-2015
530Suddenly, a leopard print sofa appears20-06-2015
503Show HN: Wayback HN, a cross between the Wayback Machine and Hacker News19-06-2015
934How Naughty Dog Fit Crash Bandicoot into 2MB of RAM on the PS118-06-2015
897From Asm.js to WebAssembly17-06-2015
550Chromium unconditionally downloads binary blob16-06-2015
544LastPass Security Notice15-06-2015
922Philae comet lander wakes up14-06-2015
477How to Make Almost Anything13-06-2015
421Snowden Document Search12-06-2015
1384What Is Code?11-06-2015
1257Google: 90% of our engineers use the software you wrote (Homebrew), but...10-06-2015
583It's the Future09-06-2015
1334“Swift will be open source later this year”08-06-2015
264Chalkboard drawings frozen in time for 100 years discovered in Oklahoma school07-06-2015
318Winners of the 7th Underhanded C Contest06-06-2015
493Autopsy: Lessons from Failed Startups05-06-2015
519FBI: Companies should help us ‘prevent encryption above all else’04-06-2015
785Let Snowden Come Home03-06-2015
828Looking Forward: Support for Secure Shell02-06-2015
471Section 215 Expires For Now01-06-2015
553Tell HN: Thank you whoishiring, a.k.a. Matthew Walsh-Cloonagh31-05-2015
349“We are only collecting the list of applications you have installed.”30-05-2015
1038GitTorrent: A Decentralized GitHub29-05-2015
483The Hacker Shelf: Collection of free books for the intellectually curious28-05-2015
477Rearchitecting GitHub Pages27-05-2015
605Web vs. native: let’s concede defeat26-05-2015
479Unhappy Birthday25-05-2015
1282John Nash Has Died24-05-2015
491Firefox tracking protection decreases page load time by 44%23-05-2015
671Solved by Flexbox22-05-2015
913The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Recurrent Neural Networks21-05-2015
485“I'm wiping this repository away”20-05-2015
635Get Your Shit Together19-05-2015
451Fish shell18-05-2015
408Time-Lapse Mining from Internet Photos17-05-2015
369The media’s reaction to Seymour Hersh’s bin Laden scoop16-05-2015
1363Announcing Rust 1.015-05-2015
666Show HN: Twenty14-05-2015
794Node.js and io.js are merging under the Node Foundation13-05-2015
1397Lily – Drone camera12-05-2015
579Class action lawsuit filed against Lenovo over Superfish11-05-2015
418Microsoft to stop producing Windows versions10-05-2015
341How to Build a Unicorn and Walk Away with Nothing09-05-2015
1003Postgres gets support for upsert08-05-2015
653U.S. NSA domestic phone spying program illegal: appeals court07-05-2015
505I would have hired Doug, but...06-05-2015
698Death of a Programmer, Life of a Farmer05-05-2015
900Fractal Lab04-05-2015
411Cops: We Need Rights More Than You, Citizen03-05-2015
468Dave Goldberg, CEO of SurveyMonkey, has died02-05-2015
1162Tesla Energy01-05-2015
1014Paul Hudak, co-creator of Haskell, has died30-04-2015
1608Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Code, a Free Cross-Platform Code Editor29-04-2015
1163The days are long but the decades are short28-04-2015
681Docker without Docker26-04-2015
362Today is Debian 8 release day25-04-2015
764Show HN: A tool that transforms your whole list with just one example24-04-2015
702Apple now rejecting apps with Pebble Smartwatch support23-04-2015
1107Project Fi by Google22-04-2015
605Call Me Maybe: MongoDB Stale Reads21-04-2015
500NGINX open sources TCP load balancing20-04-2015
1036How to Center in CSS19-04-2015
338FBI overstated forensic hair matches in nearly all trials before 200018-04-2015
438The Fuck – Correct your previous console command17-04-2015
461OS X Reviewed16-04-2015
602Blow to Internet.org as Indian Internet Companies Begin to Withdraw15-04-2015
407RethinkDB 2.0 is now production ready14-04-2015
543To Raise Productivity, Let More Employees Work from Home (2014)13-04-2015
351Programmers: Before you turn 40, get a plan B (2009)12-04-2015
320Why we will not be registering easydns.sucks11-04-2015
542Fearless concurrency with Rust10-04-2015
920Hidden backdoor API to root privileges in Apple OS X09-04-2015
1215I Quit: What really goes on at Apple08-04-2015
865What I'd tell myself about startups if I could go back 5 years07-04-2015
696Massive, Illicit Bust of Edward Snowden Stuck to a War Monument in Brooklyn06-04-2015
352Why the name?05-04-2015
528Get your own USB PID04-04-2015
1248New Hacker News Guideline: Avoid Gratuitous Negativity03-04-2015
479Truecrypt report02-04-2015
592List of April Fools' Day Announcements01-04-2015
745Amazon Dash Button31-03-2015
765Stop using tail -f (mostly)30-03-2015
652GitHub under ongoing DDoS attack29-03-2015
597Parents with annual family incomes below $125,000 will pay no tuition28-03-2015
857Slack was hacked27-03-2015
1039React Native is now open source26-03-2015
528Michael Stonebraker wins Turing Award25-03-2015
625Bazel – Correct, reproducible, fast builds for everyone24-03-2015
422Pinterest lets employees exercise options 7 years after leaving23-03-2015
310TempleOS is applying to Y Combinator. Partners desired, send an email22-03-2015
495Ravens Offensive Lineman Publishes Math Paper21-03-2015
680Replacing Photoshop with NSString20-03-2015
839We are under attack19-03-2015
613Why Spotify Pays So Little18-03-2015
610I Can’t Write My Name in Unicode17-03-2015
491“Your monthly rent .. shall increase from $2145 to $8900”16-03-2015
358Khan Academy: Algorithms15-03-2015
605Reasons not to use Facebook14-03-2015
792SQLite developer must have received a lot of phone calls13-03-2015
1019Sir Terry Pratchett has died12-03-2015
6432015 Chromebook Pixel11-03-2015
802Goodbye MongoDB, Hello PostgreSQL10-03-2015
932Announcing Starfighter09-03-2015
463On Secretly Terrible Engineers08-03-2015
373This bakery will hire anyone07-03-2015
664VMWare Taken to Court Over GPL Violation05-03-2015
605My Girlfriend Dissociated and Forgot Who I Was04-03-2015
682“Just remove the duck” (2013)03-03-2015
1128Unreal Engine 4 is now available to everyone for free02-03-2015
413Ask HN: Who is hiring? (March 2015)01-03-2015
342IPython 3.0 released28-02-2015
1584Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 8327-02-2015
1489FCC Passes Strict Net Neutrality Regulations on 3-2 Vote26-02-2015
638It's Time to Break Up the NSA (2014)25-02-2015
658Introducing Pebble Time24-02-2015
647“Citizenfour” Awarded Oscar for Best Documentary in 201423-02-2015
310“Just the Beginning of What We Can Do on Super Nintendo”21-02-2015
494Browser Vulnerability to Superfish: A Fact-Finding Trip to Best Buy [pdf]20-02-2015
1142Lenovo Caught Installing Adware on New Computers19-02-2015
784Whiteboard Clock18-02-2015
389An Open Letter to Tim Cook Regarding the App Store 70/30 Revenue Split17-02-2015
870“Equation Group” ran the most advanced hacking operation ever uncovered16-02-2015
695Now, I can see wifi signals15-02-2015
806Ask HN: The “I want to do everything but end up doing nothing” dilemma14-02-2015
1174Fuck It, I'm Going Back to Firefox13-02-2015
506Deleting any Facebook album12-02-2015
406GitHut – Programming Languages on GitHub11-02-2015
594I Am Releasing Ten Million Passwords10-02-2015
426Hello HTTP/2, Goodbye SPDY09-02-2015
446Modern SQL in PostgreSQL08-02-2015
544A Xenon flash will cause the Raspberry Pi 2 to freeze07-02-2015
539First Impressions Using React Native06-02-2015
2088Email Encryption Software Relies on One Guy, Who Is Going Broke05-02-2015
1275FCC Chairman: This Is How We Will Ensure Net Neutrality04-02-2015
709CoreCLR is now open source03-02-2015
723Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 202-02-2015
485Croatia just canceled the debts of its poorest citizens01-02-2015
551Screw motivation, what you need is discipline31-01-2015
509Sandstorm – An open source platform for personal servers30-01-2015
582EFF Wins Battle Over Secret Legal Opinions on Government Spying29-01-2015
713Firefox Hello28-01-2015
1035YouTube now defaults to HTML5 video27-01-2015
678EFF’s Game Plan for Ending Global Mass Surveillance26-01-2015
485I Was Arrested for Learning a Foreign Language. Today, I Have Some Closure25-01-2015
700Britons: You Have 72 Hours to Stop the Snooper's Charter24-01-2015
1391What should I do about YouTube?23-01-2015
479A better pull request22-01-2015
946Hands-On with Microsoft's New Holographic Goggles21-01-2015
707µBlock for Firefox20-01-2015
545Matter.js – A 2D rigid body physics engine for the web19-01-2015
812Command-line tools can be faster than your Hadoop cluster18-01-2015
463New Snowden Docs Indicate Scope of NSA Preparations for Cyber Battle17-01-2015
712What Doesn't Seem Like Work?16-01-2015
827Be My Eyes – Lend your eyes to the blind15-01-2015
697Man saves wife’s sight by 3D printing her brain tumor14-01-2015
1227Hi, It’s Google Corporate Development13-01-2015
740What Happens When You Install the Top Download.com Apps12-01-2015
493We are moving the Roslyn code to GitHub11-01-2015
379How I Crashed and Burned in Y Combinator10-01-2015
894Announcing Rust 1.0 Alpha09-01-2015
599How my life was changed when I began caring about the people I did not hire08-01-2015
929Intel Compute Stick07-01-2015
569Elon Musk AMA06-01-2015
673A town of about 200 people, almost all of whom live in the same building05-01-2015
454Why I Quit OS X – Geoff Wozniak04-01-2015
415Fasting triggers stem cell regeneration of damaged, old immune system (2014)03-01-2015
514Ai Weiwei Is Living in Our Future01-01-2015
796India Orders 32 Websites Blocked, Including GitHub, Archive.Org, Pastebin31-12-2014
621Why I Drilled Holes in My MacBook Pro and Put It in the Oven30-12-2014
859Quake on an oscilloscope29-12-2014
698Look, no hands28-12-2014
748Adblock Plus is probably the reason Firefox and Chrome are such memory hogs27-12-2014
434Let the Other 95% of Great Programmers In26-12-2014
502Merry Christmas to HN25-12-2014
440Mozilla Research Projects24-12-2014
268Principles of Distributed Computing23-12-2014
521Prosecute Torturers and Their Bosses22-12-2014
883“Warning: Do Not use my mirrors/services until I have reviewed the situation”21-12-2014
372Scans of North Korean IP Space20-12-2014
516Possible upcoming attempts to disable the Tor network19-12-2014
818Git client vulnerability announced18-12-2014
349Linus Torvalds on semaphores (1999)17-12-2014
1029Farewell, Dr. Dobb's16-12-2014
686How You Know15-12-2014
1284“Was isolated from 1999 to 2006 with a 486. Built my own late 80s OS”14-12-2014
441Einstein: The Negro Question (1946)13-12-2014
460Yahoo Starts Prompting Chrome Users to “Upgrade” to Firefox12-12-2014
547Streem – a new programming language from Matz11-12-2014
675Travis CI: From Open to Minimum Vacation Policy10-12-2014
879US Senate Report on CIA Detention and Interrogation Program09-12-2014
725Android Studio 1.008-12-2014
698Why is every story on Uber Delhi driver raping a passenger getting instakilled?07-12-2014
379The World's Dumbest Idea: Maximizing Shareholder Value [pdf]06-12-2014
843BPG Image format05-12-2014
458Introducing .NET Core04-12-2014
694Are You a Robot? Introducing “No CAPTCHA ReCAPTCHA”03-12-2014
1424NASA: We're sending humans to Mars02-12-2014
902CoreOS is building a container runtime, Rocket01-12-2014
543Wanderers: a short film of humanity's expansion into the Solar System [video]30-11-2014
489Mean People Fail29-11-2014
4343D.City – Game built with three.js and sea3d28-11-2014
418Python idioms I wish I'd learned earlier27-11-2014
470How We Did It: SNL Title Sequence26-11-2014
883God's Lonely Programmer25-11-2014
1079Gates Foundation to require immediate free access for journal articles24-11-2014
414How to reward skilled coders with something other than people management22-11-2014
408Let's Encrypt: How It Works21-11-2014
551Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI, Part 220-11-2014
908Unicode Text Converter19-11-2014
2019Launching in 2015: A Certificate Authority to Encrypt the Entire Web18-11-2014
1230WhatsApp Co-Founder Donates $1M to FreeBSD Foundation17-11-2014
361Emacs Rocks16-11-2014
392Our lander’s asleep15-11-2014
686Go is moving to GitHub14-11-2014
1257Letter to Amazon Board from Fired Ad Exec13-11-2014
2376Microsoft takes .NET open source and cross-platform12-11-2014
722Help the Gnome Foundation Defend the Gnome Trademark Against Groupon11-11-2014
1219President Obama Calls for a Free and Open Internet10-11-2014
329Against Productivity09-11-2014
517Computer Scientists Ask Supreme Court to Rule APIs Can’t Be Copyrighted08-11-2014
818Doing Business in Japan07-11-2014
924Amazon Echo06-11-2014
745Reverse OCR05-11-2014
704The Other Side of Diversity04-11-2014
963Tom Magliozzi, Co-Host of NPR's 'Car Talk,' Dies at 7703-11-2014
412FreeBSD turns 2102-11-2014
634Please remove mitsuhiko/*01-11-2014
739I’m Terrified of My New TV31-10-2014
3086Tim Cook Speaks Up30-10-2014
651Spidermonkey has passed V8 on Octane performance28-10-2014
650#define CTO27-10-2014
427Lawrence Lessig Interviews Edward Snowden [video]26-10-2014
411Pro Git, 2nd Edition25-10-2014
816Alan Eustace Jumps from Stratosphere, Breaking Felix Baumgartner’s World Record24-10-2014
455“Did you mean?” Experience in Ruby23-10-2014
1069Google Inbox22-10-2014
879Firebase is Joining Google21-10-2014
491China collecting Apple iCloud data20-10-2014
323Impending kOS18-10-2014
447FFS SSL17-10-2014
615iMac with Retina 5K display16-10-2014
1005Nexus 615-10-2014
517Humble Mozilla Bundle14-10-2014
573My Philosophy on Alerting: Observations of a Site Reliability Engineer at Google13-10-2014
708Rolling Shutters12-10-2014
370Your friends are lying to you. For $10, I wont.10-10-2014
635Tilde.Club: I had a couple drinks and woke up with 1,000 nerds09-10-2014
1025The Horror of a 'Secure Golden Key'08-10-2014
1714Hacker News API07-10-2014
722Yahoo Hacked06-10-2014
719Live Coding in VR with Oculus Rift, Firefox WebVR, JavaScript, Three.js [video]05-10-2014
329Ask HN: How to price yourself?04-10-2014
446Marriott Hotels fined $600,000 by FCC for jamming Wi-Fi hotspots [pdf]03-10-2014
703Before the Startup02-10-2014
599Germany’s great tuition fees U-turn01-10-2014
712Universal SSL29-09-2014
653Mining Bitcoin with pencil and paper: 0.67 hashes per day28-09-2014
348Not a bash bug27-09-2014
456John Carmack on Inlined Code26-09-2014
557CVE-2014-7169: Bash Fix Incomplete, Still Exploitable25-09-2014
1015ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission: Spacecraft successfully enters Martian Orbit24-09-2014
520Lecture 1 – How to Start a Startup [video]23-09-2014
416MIT Students Battle State's Demand for Their Bitcoin Miner's Source Code22-09-2014
603I Had a Stroke at 3321-09-2014
291Keynote by John Carmack at Oculus Connect 2014 [video]20-09-2014
471Chromeos-apk – Run Android APKs on Chrome OS, OS X, Linux and Windows19-09-2014
998TXT Record XSS18-09-2014
997I was asked to crack a program in a job interview17-09-2014
600Minix 3.3.016-09-2014
1252I'm Leaving Mojang15-09-2014
384I’m tired. So I’m selling my game that just went viral14-09-2014
437Gravit – Open-source design tool13-09-2014
784Feds Threatened to Fine Yahoo $250K Daily for Not Complying with NSA's PRISM12-09-2014
826My experience with using cp to copy 432 million files (39 TB)11-09-2014
810Bézier Clock10-09-2014
501The Apple Watch09-09-2014
467Gravity Simulator08-09-2014
323Stop and Seize07-09-2014
356Lessons I learned from the failure of my first startup, Dinnr06-09-2014
633Why Amazon Has No Profits and Why It Works05-09-2014
477Twitpic is shutting down04-09-2014
1167Standard Markdown03-09-2014
536Failing the startup game at Unbabel02-09-2014
402Mosh: A replacement for SSH01-09-2014
342FTP Server at LSUHealth New Orleans31-08-2014
537The Road Ahead30-08-2014
450Yahoo stopping all new development of YUI29-08-2014
470Coffee naps are better than coffee or naps alone28-08-2014
350C3.js: D3-based reusable chart library27-08-2014
1224Uber's playbook for sabotaging Lyft26-08-2014
1013Show HN: I got hacked, felt paranoid, made an app – GlassWire25-08-2014
486Gooey: Turn command line programs into GUI applications24-08-2014
749Feynman Lectures on Physics now free online23-08-2014
547Using Google Earth to Find an ISIS Training Camp22-08-2014
418Why Racket? Why Lisp?21-08-2014
831Fully Functional 1KB Hard Drive in Vanilla Minecraft20-08-2014
442Lime Text: Open Source Sublime Text clone19-08-2014
426We have C++1418-08-2014
577Show HN: Put “GIF” in front of any YouTube URL and hit enter16-08-2014
471Project Euler Returns15-08-2014
657MathBox 214-08-2014
717Edward Snowden: The Untold Story13-08-2014
408What happens if you write a TCP stack in Python?12-08-2014
575Polaroid Cube11-08-2014
1470First-Person Hyper-lapse Videos10-08-2014
208Prostitution and the internet09-08-2014
558They're Made out of Meat08-08-2014
333Don't be a jerk07-08-2014
492How we turn $199 Chromebooks into Ubuntu-based code learning machines for kids06-08-2014
437US Sought Permission to Change Historical Record of a Public Court Proceeding05-08-2014
573Extracting audio from visual information04-08-2014
274Remy – Computer-generated TCP congestion algorithm03-08-2014
172Vision-Correcting Displays [video]02-08-2014
449Ask HN: Who is hiring? (August 2014)01-08-2014
639Show HN: NomadList – The best cities to live and work remotely in30-07-2014
1070Show HN: Markov chains explained visually29-07-2014
910Game about squares27-07-2014
349The New York Times Calls for Marijuana Legalization26-07-2014
1020Show HN: OneBody Church Directory software I've been hacking on for 7 years25-07-2014
671Choose hotels by the quality of their WiFi24-07-2014
432The sad state of Linux Wi-Fi23-07-2014
561SpaceX Soft Lands Falcon 9 Rocket First Stage22-07-2014
1112Count to ten when a plane goes down21-07-2014
850Calling All Hackers: Help Us Build an Open Wireless Router20-07-2014
386Ask HN Mods: Why Do You Completely Change What Users Submit?19-07-2014
400Now Accepting Bitcoin on Dell.com18-07-2014
1483Thanks, HN: You helped discover a disease and save lives17-07-2014
589Google Noto Fonts16-07-2014
778Show HN: Pangoly – Build your shiny new PC15-07-2014
841Y Combinator has filed an official comment with the FCC14-07-2014
321Show HN: A mostly complete 2014 "Tools of the Trade"13-07-2014
461I've been tracking everything about myself12-07-2014
425Amazon Cognito11-07-2014
491Pinboard Turns Five10-07-2014
465A Server Naming Scheme09-07-2014
875Ask HN: Urgent connection to Twitter support08-07-2014
743Python is now the most popular introductory language at top U.S. universities07-07-2014
662Ask HN: 16-hour work week jobs?06-07-2014
242PyPy-STM: first “interesting” release05-07-2014
357Farewell Node.js04-07-2014
1302Show HN: Show HN03-07-2014
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